365 Happiness Project 2015 – Week 12

Happiness Project

Week 12 – All the wonderful things that have made me happy this week.

  • Dexter getting up in time to get to his baby group
  • Chatting to the other mums
  • Sing song time and lots of smile from Dexter
  • Finding out that Dexter loves a push a long trike
  • A fun afternoon with my boy
  • Getting a referral from the doctors for the hospital for Dexters chest
  • Getting Dexters passport photos done
  • The final episode of Cucumber
  • A day in the office and getting stuff done
  • The first day of my diet and getting in under my daily calorie allowance (just)
  • Wednesday Fun day
  • Baby Yoga
  • Chats with all the mums
  • Lots of smiles from Dexter
  • A lovely class
  • The afternoon at the playcentre with lots of his chums
  • Playtime
  • Ball pool fun
  • An early tea and some time to catch up on some work
  • A rare Thursday off work and the day spent with Sarah and Freddie
  • A trip to Wentworth Garden Centre for lunch and the farm
  • A tasty lunch
  • Dexter and Freddie chilling out together
  • A nice walk
  • Fun at the farm and Dexter loving the animals
  • A lovely day
  • Girls on TV and some sleep
  • A day in the office and ploughing through some work
  • My new phone arriving
  • Date night with Nik and a late birthday night celebration
  • Really Good Food
  • Lots of Cocktails
  • A lovely time spent with Nik
  • Lots of chats and laughter
  • A day in the office and gettng through my never-ending emails
  • Ted coming round to play with Dexter
  • Dexter just about crawling, in his own special way
  • Sleep
  • A lazy morning with my boy
  • Meeting some lovely photographers at the S6 Workshop and giving a talk about blogging
  • An afternoon of jobs and getting stuff done around the house
  • Cooking a roast dinner
  • Eating a roast diner
  • Getting my new phone set up and ready to use
  • A bit of internet shopping for Dexter
  • An early night
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Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xxx



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