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Barbara K Photography

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Are you planning an unconventional wedding? Then you're my type of people! Do you hate cheesy wedding photography? Then we might just be made for each other! Alternative Wedding Photography | London, UK, Destination


Hi there!

My name is Barbara and I’m an Alternative Wedding Photographer based in North London.

Nothing excites me more than photographing the wedding of a free-spirited couple. Whether your wedding takes place in a city, on a beach, in the woods or in a field, what makes my job exciting is YOU!

Let me tell you straightaway what you won’t get if you work with me: a bossy photographer, flash photography, posing and endless group shots.

Instead you’ll get: some kind of ninja photographer doing her best to be invisible, quirky documentary photography, relaxed portraits and the right to ignore me, just be yourself and fully enjoy your wedding day.

Sound good? Then check out my website and get in touch! :)