If you’re looking for tips with planning your wedding, or advice on certain areas then look no further.
Here are a selection of articles I have put together to make it easier for you.

Step my step bridal makeup – Week 1 ‘Base’   Week 2 – Alluring eyes
A how to guide for brides looking to do their own bridal make up. First week is the base

Flower School – How to acheive that just picked look
Tips and advice for creating DIY, relaxed flowers for your wedding.

Wedding Hair – 5 styles for your wedding
A step by step guide for you to create the most popular styles.

Our Budget won’t stretch to Hiring a Photographer at our wedding.
Here’s a few hints and tips to making this possible.

Hiring an outside Caterer – everything you need to know.
A must read for any bride or groom before you book your caterer.

A Marquee Wedding….all your questions answered
Good advice for all those brides and grooms in the middle of planning their Marquee Wedding.

21 Wedding Dresses under £500
Not every one’s budget can stretch to the Thousands of pounds that many designers ask for their stunning dresses. For that reason I have done a bit of wedding planner research for you.

How to look jaw dropping gorgeous in your wedding photos
How do you make sure that you don’t hate the way I look in your wedding pictures?

Wedding Lingerie all your questions and dilemmas answered!
Sarah answers all of your wedding underwear questions, queries and dilemmas, and it appears there are quite a few!

The Importance of Wedding Insurance
It provides financial protection for a wide range of things that might go wrong in the run up to your big day or even on the big day itself.

Designing your wedding cake
The sky is pretty much the limit with what style and type of cake you can choose, so where do you begin?

How will I fit into my wedding dress?
Claire from Integrate Nutrition gives us all some great advice on diets to help us not only loose weight but feel great on the Big day.

Low cost wedding dresses for weddings abroad
Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, it seems the promise of good weather is really making people turn to other warmer countries to tie the knot. Here are a few options for low cost wedding dresses, that keep you looking fabulous but won’t break the bank!

How to get your bloke invlved in your wedding
Andrew from the amazing I am staggerd website gives us some hints and tips on how to get your future husband interested in the wedding plans and how to get him involved.

Wedding Stationary – when to order and send out
Once you’ve got engaged, all the preparations can seem rather daunting in the excitement. Help is at hand for your wedding stationery. We find that the questions we’re most often asked are when to order stationery, and whether it all needs to be ordered at once. Here’s our handy guide:

Making the most of your wedding flower budget
Every couple getting married will have a budget that they will be working towards, and however much you are spending on flowers, you will want to make sure that you are able to maximise the money you are allocating towards this area of your day.

How to make your wedding different
Boho talks about 10 easy ways to make your wedding differnt and true to you as a couple.

FREE 12 month wedding planner
Yes a FREE 12 month wedding planning guide!!! It’s not often you get anything for free in this world, so I thought I’d change that and put together a 12 month wedding planner guide for anyone who wants it!!

Hints and Tips when choosing your Florist
Here are some hints and tips to help you choose the right florist and the things you need to discuss once you have found them.
(A Huge thank you to Fiona at Firenza Floral Design for letting me use this article and pictures)

Why use a Make up artist on your wedding day?
I’m sure that’s a question many brides-to-be have asked themselves. Or indeed, been asked by their fiancé/mother/mother-in-law?! You do your own make-up every day? Why get someone in to do what you already do yourself?” I’m going to take you through all the factors of bridal make-up and explain the hows and whys

James White Hair – Key 2010 bridal hair trends
There is something special with having the privilege to be there on the most important day of someone’s life let alone being a part of it. I do Bridal Hair quite simply because it provides me with some much fulfilment that I can do what I love for someone else and make them feel incredible

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer
Your Wedding Photography is going to be one of the most important aspects of your day. Memories are great but you will find that over the years you go back to your photographs time and time again, so finding the right wedding photographer to take those photos is a very important factor.

Why use a wedding Planner?
You may be thinking to yourself ‘why do I need a wedding planner?’ Well your wedding day is going to be one of, if not, the most important day of your life, so why try and do it all yourself? You hire an expert to do the catering, take the photos, make the cake, so why not hire a professional to help with the planning?

On the day Co-ordination – the benefits from the suppliers themsleves
As a wedding planner I have to admit that sometimes the hardest thing is convincing a couple that they need a wedding planner. In my experience the most popular service we offer is On the day Co-ordination or Wedding Day Management. Those brides and grooms who have used the service will swear by it and many couples who haven’t wished they did.

The First steps of Wedding Planning – Your instruction Manual
So you’ve just begun to plan your wedding, but where to start? Most things these days come with an instruction manual, but not weddings!! Here are a few of the things you should be thinking about to get yourself on the right road.

Tips on wedding dress shopping
so much emphasise has been put on finding the perfect dress that it can be very daunting! By following these simple bits of advice the whole process should be made a lot easier for you.