12 Month Bridal Beauty Countdown

Bridal Beauty Countdown – A 12 Month Plan to Help You Look and Feel Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

You’re dashing about on the hunt for your dream dress, sending out invitations that took you days to make, trying to find a telepathic florist because you know what they are but don’t know the name, there’s the seating arrangements, the cake, the rings, the favours, the honeymoon… the list goes on and on! But remember to BREATHE. Try not to neglect one of the most important tasks of all – getting yourself looking and feeling great in preparation for one of the biggest days of your life.

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12 Month Wedding Planning To Do List

Wedding planning can be confusing! As a wedding planner, I should know! But for you, the Bride or Groom to be, the beginning stages of wedding planning can seem like information over load.

When I work with a couple the first thing I do with them is to break all of their wedding planning jobs into months, giving them jobs to do each month so they don’t feel completely overwhelmed with it all.

This 12 month wedding planner is what I use as the basis of all of my planning. It is broken down into 12 months but you can adapt it for however many months you have to plan your day.

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