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Based out of a ramshackle old shed in the heart of rural Devon, I’m Charlie, A simple self taught photographer with a love for the dramatic & romantic things of life! I offer candid photography coupled with a characteristic and creative flare. Offering a wide range of wedding packages from local to international. Stylised to natural. I love adventurous couples who open to try new things. Weddings are something to be celebrated and remembered. So why not go big? I love it when we get to shoots something that really stand out from the crowd.


One thing you’ll notice very early on about me and my work, is that I am entirely occupied with the concept of narrative and the uniqueness of a moment. In my mind the power of photography is its ability to capture a snapshot in time that can never be re-created, thus the importance of every shot being unique and full of drama. This plays a massive role throughout my creative process particularly in the way I edit my photos. My aim is that every photo I publish evokes a feeling, emotion or a story.

I like to keep things as upfront and as simple as I can with pricing. So I offer three easy options depending on your budget and on how much coverage you’re after. You can book me for 6, 9 or 12 hours. If you’re not sure which option is best for you or you’d like to chat about designing a more bespoke package to suit your needs please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

I like to think of my style as romantic. Its artistic, fine art and editorial whilst also trying to be natural, authentic and documentary in its approach. I'm very relaxed and easy, I'm constantly
watching to capture natural moments whilst also thinking how can I capture the mood and atmosphere in front of me. When it comes to portraits I love to experiment but what matters most to me is reading how the couple in front of me what to shoot. Sometimes my clients like to experiment other times they'd rather be positioned and given direction. I'm comfortable with both.

I ultimately try to keep things chill. For couples most of their day is jam packed with welcoming guests, getting into position or generally being pushed around from pillar to post, so I'm very aware that my brief hour or so with them can be a time of catching their breath and soaking up the atmosphere. When I edit my photos I try to edit them through the eyes of nostalgia, keeping true to how things were on the day whilst also adding a touch magic to the memory.