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Laura Martha Photography

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Hey! I’m a natural, relaxed and colourful wedding photographer. I work around you, to make sure I’m capturing your day as it unfolds. Your Wedding, is just that, YOUR Wedding! It’s about you having a day filled with friends + family, and I’m there to capture that naturally.


I’m based between the Cotswolds and London, I live in a constant uncertainty of whether I’m a country gal or a city girl!!
I would say I’m a reportage style photographer if I had to label it. I love to capture moments, memories that are brought back from glancing at an image, or a collection of images, that’s why I do this!
You’ll catch me laughing at the best man speech, in awe of the glances you share, and when I’m sat at home editing, I’ll have the widest smile when I glancing at your smiles.

I didn’t get my first camera whilst at primary school (But, I did have an instant polaroid camera at 11, and took awful pictures of friends), and at 26 realised I was quite good at taking pictures.
My grandad was the photographer in my family, and all our memories are the ones he froze in a click. My Grandma shows me her wedding photos almost weekly, they’re tatty, but gorgeous. I didn’t discover my love for photography whilst he was with us, however I’m sure he’d be baffled by all the buttons (and maybe proud).

I started out photographing my travels, and oversharing on social media. I then slowly entered the wedding world photographing part time for 3 years, before jumping in full time spring 2017. Since then I have had the absolute pleasure of photographing smiles, laugher and snogging across the UK, New Zealand, Mexico and Europe.
Travel and Photography are so important to me. Experiencing new cultures, landscapes and personalities shape how I see the world. I believe this comes across in the way I capture memories.
Anyway, I’m a chatter box, a passionate photographer, and I would love to hear from you.