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Boho Loves: Lily Arkwright – Lab Grown Sustainable Luxurious Jewellery That Lasts a Lifetime

This afternoon I would like to introduce you to Lily Arkwright a jewellery company specialising in premium Moissanite and Lab Grown fine jewellery, ‘driven by our ethical and social promise to deliver sustainable luxurious jewellery’. Lily Arkwright produce beautifully crafted engagement rings, which cost a fraction of the price of an actual diamond, and offer… Read more »

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Ask The Experts: How to Pick the Perfect Men’s Ring with Rocks and Co

How to Pick the Perfect Men’s Ring   Renowned for its high fashion gemstone jewellery and excellent quality, Rocks & Co offer the perfect collections to help you choose a wonderful, style-aware ring that is just right for your man. This is a jewellery shopping channel and online store that not only boasts creations from… Read more »



Ask The Experts: Have you thought about that ring yet? with BAUNAT

Welcome to the week everyone, I hope your Monday has started well. Its true that we are definitely into the proposal season! Christmas, New Year and with Valentines just around the corner get ready for yet more Facebook announcements! We don’t feature many jewellery pieces here on Boho, but we know pretty when we see… Read more »

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Vintage Photo Booth Hire



Gemstone Bridal Pieces

Ask The Experts: Choosing The Perfect Gemstone For Your Engagement Ring with The Diamond Store

One of the most beautiful ways to make your bridal style stand out is by opting for unique coloured gemstones in your engagement ring and wedding day jewellery. From vintage style blue sapphire rings, to pink tourmaline estate earrings and smokey quartz pendants, jewels offer a chic way to add more hues and sparkle to… Read more »

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Wedding Ring Designs

Boho Loves: Celtic Rings Ltd – A Marriage Between Classic Celtic Motifs and Modern Jewellery Design

This afternoon we are talking jewellery, wedding and engagement rings to be exact! I don’t often talk about jewellery on the blog, mainly because I think it’s a very personal thing and also because I find a lot of the companies offering wedding jewellery are all pretty similar. However today I’d like to introduce you… Read more »

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Ingle and Rhode

Bridal Style: Ingle & Rhode – The rise of bespoke and ethical wedding jewellery

I think it’s fair to say that pretty much every female likes shiny things, especially jewellery. Our fixation with the shiny things start at the engagement ring and work their way into the wedding ring and wedding jewellery, but have you ever thought about where the shiny things come from? This afternoon I wanted to cover a topic I haven’t discussed on the blog before;… Read more »

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