Ask The Experts: Ten Things to Consider When Booking a DJ to Play in a Marquee

  Weddings are great fun to plan, choosing the dress, the colour scheme, getting all the details just right, and then there are the more practical bits to organise, the logistical side of things, things that you may not even had thought about. When you have a Marquee wedding there are even more logistical things… Read more »

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Disco Shed

Boho Loves: Disco Wed – The Non ‘Wedding DJ’ DJ Option for your Wedding

  Wedding DJs, they can make or break a wedding! A harsh statement? well if you are into your music the last thing your going to want is a middle aged man playing oops up side your head, talking over the music all night! A Good DJ can keep your guests partying all night long, while a bad one will have them sitting down staring at their watches! I… Read more »

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  • Why not visit our Supplier Directory