Boho Pins: Top 10 Pins of the Week – Table Plans

Happy weekend everyone! I’m especially pleased with our top 10 pins of the week today, as we have a gorgeous selection of table plans from all around the blogosphere! Table plans can add a lot to your theme or scheme, but equally don’t need to be expensive or elaborate. My favourites are definately those with fancy… Read more »

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Wedding Invitations 101: Choices and Options To Notify, Wow and Organise Your Guests

  This afternoon I want to talk to you about Wedding Stationery, with the help of Grace Nolan from Ivy Ellen Wedding Invitations. The invitation will be the first thing your guests  receive, It will set the tone of the day and give them some idea of what to expect, noy only the factual information but the look… Read more »

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Top Table Planner

Ask the Experts: 5 Tips For Arranging a Wedding Seating Plan By Adam Leyton From Top Table Planner

    This afternoon I would like to talk to you about table Plans….not the pretty side of table plans, but the actual logistics of putting a table plan together. As I have said before guests at a wedding can be the bride and grooms biggest stress, who to invite, getting back RSVPs, and when those RSVPs come in where to seat them. I… Read more »

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