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Tracey and Glenn’s ‘Vintage, Cool, and Full of Fun’ Sheffield Wedding. By Tierney Photography

We are in my home town of Sheffield today for this fabulous wedding which really shows off the city to it’s best. Split between three venues this wedding is full of fun, food,  life, dancing and some gorgeous details. The main venue where the meal takes place is the wonderful chimney house, one of my favourite venues in Sheffield. It has an urban feel, with its exposed bricks… Read more »

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Jo and Ian’s Back to Nature Vegetarian Wedding by Mark Tierney

We are heading over to Skipton today for the last wedding of the week and it’s a great one! It’s a vegetarian wedding  full of rustic details as the couple take on an enchanted forest theme mixed with a love of cider and apples. The venue is one I know very well as I worked there last year for the wedding of Caroline and Aaron, it’s a fabulous place with on… Read more »



Woodland Wedding

James and Jade’s Magical Woodland Wedding by Mark Tierney

Hello everyone and how are you all? I am now back from Marrakesh and the normal blogging schedule will resume.  I had a great Holiday it was SO HOT!! Marrakesh seemed to be having a heat wave while we were there with temperatures around 37 degrees instead of the normal mid 20’s for this time of year, so it was a tad warm for my little ginger… Read more »



Fabulous Photo: Mark Tierney ‘Levitation’

Hi everyone! Today I have the weekend off so have come to Chester with Nik to visit my friend Becky who I have known since I was 8 years old.  I worked at a wedding on Friday, which was a long hard day, and had to be back on site yesterday morning to clear out… Read more »



Fabulous Photos: Tierney Photography

Today I am leaving my favorite island of Ibiza and flying home, ready to start a new and yet again incredibly busy week. I’ll be back on the white island soon though as I have some great weddings out here this summer! Today’s Fabulous Photos comes from Tierney Photography. I have featured Mark before on Sundays… Read more »