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Ask The Experts: Five Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Own Engagement Ring with Durham Rose

Selecting your engagement ring is a beautiful thing. It’s intimate. It’s thoughtful. And it’s rarely undertaken lightly. After all, this ring that you’re choosing symbolises everything that your relationship is, could and will be. That’s why so many people are now deciding to design their own. But while designing your own engagement ring is undeniably… Read more »

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Ask The Experts: How to Pick the Perfect Men’s Ring with Rocks and Co

How to Pick the Perfect Men’s Ring Renowned for its high fashion gemstone jewellery and excellent quality, Rocks & Co offer the perfect collections to help you choose a wonderful, style-aware ring that is just right for your man. This is a jewellery shopping channel and online store that not only boasts creations from experts… Read more »



Ask The Experts: Discovering Vintage Jewellery – The Hidden Gems of the Ring World

Good afternoon everyone! How are you all today? As we near the end of this (short!) week I have the pleasure of welcoming Hollie back to the blog to talk to you about some very shiny gems! We’re looking at the benefits of vintage jewels today and as someone who completely covets any form of heirloom… Read more »

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Ask The Experts: Have you thought about that ring yet? with BAUNAT

Welcome to the week everyone, I hope your Monday has started well. Its true that we are definitely into the proposal season! Christmas, New Year and with Valentines just around the corner get ready for yet more Facebook announcements! We don’t feature many jewellery pieces here on Boho, but we know pretty when we see… Read more »

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