Bridal Style: Bridal Indulgence – Relaxed and Stylish Bridal Wear for the Free Spirited Bride

Wedding dress shopping can be a mine field. What sort of dress do you choose for your bridal style? Wedding dress shopping is a popular discussion point in our Boho Weddings Facebook Group, I often get asked where free spirited brides can buy Boho style dresses. Well now, there is a bridal boutique perfect for… Read more »

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Bridal Style: Charlie Brear – 2017 Bridal Collection

Hello and welcome to today’s beautiful Bridal Style feature. This weeks feature is the absolutely stunning collection from Charlie Brear we absolutely adore Charlie’s designs here at Boho.  This collection is suitable for every bride whatever shape, size or style preference. It also features bridal seperates which are becoming my favourite choice of bridal wear, lace, silk,… Read more »

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  • Why not visit our Supplier Directory