Fabulous Photo: Lisa Devlin

Hi everyone, and how is everyone today? I’m a tad tired and recovering from yesterdays event, not a wedding this time but a 21st Birthday party in Sheffield. It was a black tie event that took place in the parents back garden, with a black and purple theme. I had am amazing time and got… Read more »

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Boho Press (Part 2) Wedding Magazine – Meet the new Generation

So if part 1 of my press day special wasn’t exciting enough for my little Boho self, then imagine how excited I was when I was told by the pink haired blogging queen that is  www.rocknrollbride.com that she had managed to get me and my other blogging friends from the Big Fat Wedding Bloggers Photo Shoot… Read more »

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Fabulous Photos: Lisa Devlin – an Easter special!

So today is Easter Sunday (sorry for pointing out the obvious!) To be honest Easternever really grabs me, and I hadn’t really registered the fact that it was Easter, mainly because when you’re self employed bank holidays just pass you by! Nik’s been off camping with his family, while I’ve been busy meeting with brides… Read more »

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