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classic hair accessories

Bridal Style: Styling Your Hair and Makeup to go with Your Wedding Hair Accessories

Today on Bridal style we are talking about your bridal hair accessories and how to get the styling right along with your hair and make up looks. There are so many things to think about when it comes to your overall ‘look’ on your wedding day. The dress comes first and after that there are a whole host of accessories to think… Read more »



365 Happiness Project: Day 69

Today I am happy as I have been powering through my to do list and for once I feel like I may be winning.   I am also happy as I received this lovely box full of amazing goodies from DC Bouquet today. I am borrowing a few bits from her for a shoot I… Read more »

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day 46

365 Happiness Project: Day 46

Happiness today has been about meeting my friend Debbie from DC Bouquets for dinner, cocktails and a good old catch up. Debbie is an amazing talent in the wedding industry, she make s the most amazing vintage inspired crystal bouquets, along with a gorgeous selection of bridal hair accessories. We had a great night catching up! Thanks again for a… Read more »



white room sheffield

The White Room Bridal Boutique a new concept in wedding dress shopping! Plus a sneak peak of the new Stephanie Allin Jazz Age collection

I love my job! this maybe a cliche but I really do! I love it even more when fabulous new suppliers come to Sheffield and make the wedding collective we have here even better than it is! What am I talking about? The new Bridal shop The White Room Bridal Boutique that opened in Sheffield on… Read more »