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Boho's Best Bits

Boho’s Best Bits: W/C 1st October

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome along to another Boho’s Best Bits! I am super excited today as tomorrow I go on holiday! A whole weeks rest and relaxation in sunny Marrakesh….I can’t wait! It’s been a great wedding season but I have to say I am due some down time, and a chance to chill out and take a breath. I am… Read more »




365 Happiness Project: Day 276

Today my happiness comes from the start of the re design for my Blog. I have enrolled the talents of my good friend Lucy Ledger from Lucy Ledger Designs to help me put together the new look and new design of the Boho Blog. The Blog has been pretty much the same now for 3 years so I decided it was time for a make over which I’m hoping will push… Read more »



designer vintage bridal show

My weekend at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of exhibiting at  Designer Vintage Bridal Show. It was their third show and it took place at Hagley Hall in Hagley, Worcestershire.  As you probably know I don’t exhibit at many shows but I do make the exception for this one as I truly believe it’s one of the best there is in the industry. It’s run and organised by a fantastic team of wedding experts so they know what people want and they go out of their way to… Read more »



365 Happiness Project

365 Happiness Project: Day 227

Today has been a very happy day. Carrying on from yesterdays photography training today I have been Photoshop training. My good friend Lucy Ledger is a Photoshop queen and knows all there is to know about making things look pretty so she offered to give me a beginners lesson in Photoshop to get me started. I know the blog and the way it looks is something I need… Read more »



365 Happiness Project

365 Happiness Project: Day 171

Today despite this dreadful weather I have found happiness from a little delivery I had today of Photoshop Elements. I have been wanting to learn to use Photoshop for ages now, but the prospect of learning something technical (never my strong point) always put me off. Then someone told me about Photoshop Elements which apparently is the condenced version of Photoshop, so thought this may be… Read more »

Vintage Photo Booth Hire



out with the gilrs

365 Happiness Project: Day 162

Today I am happy because I have been out with my girls Lucy Ledger and Debbie Carlisle. Every few weeks, me Lucy and Debbie get together to have a good catch up, gossip and chat about the wedding world amongst a load of other things. It doesn’t matter how early we meet it never sseem like long enough as we all have so much to… Read more »



green wedding shoes

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 21st May

Welcome along to another Sunday I hope you have bene enjoying your weekend and this glorious weather? I have been away in Beaconsfield since Friday and I’m traveling back up to Sheffield this lunch time. It was my first wedding of the season this weekend, and it started off with a big one! It was a carnival/fete themed wedding with a… Read more »



bohemian wedding

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 23rd April

Happy Sunday everyone! and how is everyone today? It’s been another busy week, it’s getting closer and closer to the beginning of my weddings now, so lots fo final plans to make for all my brides and grooms, a lot of list making, and a lot of chasing and spreadsheets at Boho HQ! Today I am off on a photo shoot, it’s for… Read more »



365 project

365 Happiness Project: Day 117

Today I have taken the day off! Yay! I am finding myself more and more working right through the weekend with wedding stuff at the moment and not getting a day off, so I thought that I needed to clear my head and have a little beak to re charge! I met up with my wedding palls, Debbie Carlise and… Read more »