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Boho Loves: Lily Arkwright – Lab Grown Sustainable Luxurious Jewellery That Lasts a Lifetime

This afternoon I would like to introduce you to Lily Arkwright a jewellery company specialising in premium Moissanite and Lab Grown fine jewellery, ‘driven by our ethical and social promise to deliver sustainable luxurious jewellery’. Lily Arkwright produce beautifully crafted engagement rings, which cost a fraction of the price of an actual diamond, and offer… Read more »



An Eco-Friendly Approach to Engagement Rings: How Moon Ocean is Helping the Planet

In the quaint heart of Great Britain, where tradition meets modernity, there lies a beacon of sustainability within the jewellery industry – Moon Ocean. With a profound commitment to the environment, Moon Ocean is redefining luxury by integrating eco-friendly practices into the creation of engagement rings. This pioneering approach not only caters to the discerning eco-conscious… Read more »