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Sean White Wedding Films

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My name’s Sean and I want to tell your story! I make wedding films for people wildly in love. My films are more than just cinematic and shot with a great camera, they focus on what makes your wedding day unique & special to you. Your very own love story.


I make wedding films that tell stories - beautiful and cinematic. My goal is to retell the love, emotion & magic of your adventure together, because I believe wedding days are magical and that your film should feel like that. I strive to capture events as they unfold, and in the process transform moments from your wedding day into a lasting treasure.

The couples I work with are not just clients, they are collaborators and play a key role in shaping their film. I do not video your wedding day with a 'one size fits all' approach. My films are more than just cinematic and beautiful; they focus on what makes your marriage special. Unique to you both.

My first taste of wedding videography came when a friend (who knew I was documentary film maker) asked me to film his wedding. Despite filming with a broken foot, I absolutely loved it and was hooked on making wedding films. I knew that the film I was making would make people happy and be treasured for the rest of their married lives, and I was honoured that they had trusted me to do it.

Experience has taught me one thing about wedding films: to listen to the story unfolding from the couple. They themselves hold the key to a beautiful wedding film. More than flowers. More than cakes. It's their love for one another, every quirky interest, intimate exchange and spontaneous kiss.

To marry someone takes a huge leap of faith, and so does choosing a wedding videographer. I recognise the momentous task of filming a wedding, and fully respect how much you want to preserve the memory of your special day for years to come.