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Michael Townsend Photography

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I am experienced, relaxed and easy-going. My wedding photography style offers both candid and posed shots to get a pleasing mix that will give your wedding the right balance and to tell your story in a way that best represents you as a couple.


I’ve just started in on my 4th decade, but that said, most of me still works despite years of martial arts abuse (yes martial arts, not marital as Terry Pratchett would say). Any time you want to talk cameras and martial arts, I’m your man. I took up both photography and kung fu when I was 13 and they seem to have stuck. I’ve now got a 5th dan and a degree in photography. My qualifications for photography are BA (Hons) Photography, MA Digital Media, BIPP Licentiateship and a Dean’s Award. Oh yeah, Adobe Photoshop accredited too so I can swap heads and all sorts.

If you're getting your car fixed, you go to a qualified mechanic, don't do less for your wedding photography. I've put in the time and got the qualifications that let you know that my laid-back approach is backed by solid foundations.
I also have 2 kids, a cat and a wife. That’s my daughter’s ordering btw, I would never dare put them in that order. So when I'm not shooting weddings them I'm painting, spending time with the family, reading or practising martial arts.

If you're a member of the CMAA or Genbukai International then let me know when booking, you'll get a discount.
If you’re after a Manchester wedding photographer that’s easy-going, fun and dedicated to marking the start of your new chapter together through beautiful and creative wedding photography, then I’m your man!
Say hello and let’s have that first chat about your day.