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Wedding DJ services from festival accessory and club night, Disco Shed"So good I danced too much and my feet were swollen for days afterwards" "Just so perfect, exceptional mixing, entertaining and lovely." A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!! Words can't describe, but you ROCKED!!!!!!"


Remember your wedding DJ for the right reasons!
If you’re after a naff old fashioned wedding DJ, then stop reading! Disco Wed DJs play at some of London’s best nightclubs, the UK’s greatest festivals and alongside some of the world’s most legendary DJs and recording artists. So if you love music, and would like something a bit more credible from your wedding DJ, we can help!

Instead of a random selection of tunes played in an even more random order and constantly interrupted with corny microphone banter, we work with you on a playlist, then expertly craft a mix of songs that everyone knows and loves – flowing seamlessly from genre to genre and keeping the dance-floor busy by never missing a beat from first dance to last.

Our friendly, relaxed and professional service is completely bespoke – it’s your day and we enjoy working with you to ensure it ends with the perfect party.

Instead of charging per hour, for equipment hire or for travel, we just charge one single price which includes all sound, lighting and DJ equipment, and covers our services, travel, and time for the whole day and night.

So, we can play background music during the meal and you can use our wireless microphone for the speeches.

Options range from the full festival-going Disco Shed to a more straightforward DJ set–up.

5 reasons to choose Disco Wed!
- Many years of professional experience – huge festivals, club nights, and weddings.
- Friendly, reliable service – we work with you so you get exactly the music you want.
- We are ‘proper’ DJs – enjoy a seamless mix of the songs you love.
- Industry standard equipment – which looks and sounds great!
- We won’t ruin your wedding photos! A neat, tidy set-up, and we always wear a suit!