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Wedding photographers in the beautiful and sunny Spain with a candid and easy going approach. Weddings without protocols for people that like to enjoy their day instead of posing


We're David and Carla, couple and wedding photographers based in Valencia (Spain), but mostly working in the Costa Blanca and all over Europe

If you're here is because you dare to be different. You don't need protocols, you don't want to please anyone else than your desire to enjoy your moment, regardless getting your dress or suit a bit dirty. You just want to squeeze and taste every minute of your wedding. LIVING it.

Because life is what guides us. People that eat the cake with both hands, or dance down the aisle, or cries to laugh. People who are not afraid to show their love and joy with all their heart, to be real instead of perfect, because that’s what takes the most out of every moment and where true connection shows. Naturalness, spontaneity. Enjoying the road making something completely personal out of such an important celebration. That kind of ‘untamed’ life, that kind of improvisation with casual and unexpected moments is what we love and it’s what we want to show about such an important moment in your life, so you can relive every instant today, tomorrow and forever.

Do you understand life that way too? Then keep reading, because this is for you two.