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CALLEO Audio Guest Book

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Ring, Record, Remember with a CALLEO Audio Guest Book. A timeless addition to your wedding. A Calleo Audio Guest Book phone is a Vintage Style telephone which records messages from your guests at your wedding. Listen back to messages containing an embarrassing story, grandad's sentimental words or your oldest school pals singing. To hear the memories and emotion from your night is a brilliant memento to keep after your hire.


Collect lasting messages of love, humour, and a little bit of mischief, with CALLEO. We are the NO.1 Audio Guest Book provider for weddings in England, Scotland and Wales.

When you hire CALLEO Audio Guest Book for your wedding, you’re getting more than a standard, handwritten guest book. Instead, you capture the voice, tone and personality of each of your guests as they share stories, memories or words of wisdom for your future.

Hiring a CALLEO Audio Guest Book for your wedding day is easy. A vintage-style telephone, chosen to your style of colour to fit your theme, is delivered a few days before your wedding. Then, guests simply pick up the handset, listen to a greeting message you’ve pre-recorded, wait for the beep, and leave you a message in the same way they would a voicemail. There’s no limit to how many messages guests can leave!

Once your wedding is over, CALLEO Audio Guest Book collates all messages into your Audio Guest Book. Choose from an Engraved USB, a customised wedding Audio Frame, or a Vinyl Record. Or, if you prefer, simply enjoy your recordings via an MP3 file and private YouTube video.

Why choose CALLEO Audio Guest Book? Well, guest books are undoubtedly a very special aspect of your wedding. They allow you to reflect on the people you have had in your life, and read their messages of love and support for years to come. But, guest books lack the personality of the day. Also, guest books do, unfortunately, sometimes get lost. By switching to a CALLEO Audio Guest Book, you can hear the voices of your friends and loved ones, gauge their excitement and love, and keep the memories safely stored online, never to be lost or damaged.