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365 Happiness Project: 2013 A Year in Review

  You may or may not follow my Happiness Project which I started 2 years ago. The first year the purpose of project was to find something to be happy about every day, simply to make me start appreciating the little things in life, the things that sometimes we forget and take for granted. The second… Read more »



A Christmas Message!

It’s Christmas Eve, can you believe it has come around so fast! I hope you are all ready for Christmas and already enjoying some well-earned time off! I personally am having a lovely time already and am really looking forward to tomorrow. I will be taking some time off over the christmas Holidays, this blogger… Read more »

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A Christmas Card Message from Boho

This afternoon I am taking a little break from the normal blogging scedual to send  you some Christmas Cheer! I am also here to tell anyone who knows me within the wedding industry that this year I have decided not to send Christmas cards, but to donate the money spent on card design and printing to… Read more »

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Boho Pins: People I Love

Welcome along to another edition of Boho Pins, where I delve into my pinterest board collection and choose one to share with you. If you’re planning a wedding then pinterest is the perfect visual planning tool. Fantastic for putting ideas together and keeping all your ideas organised! You can find me here www.pinterest.com/bohowedandlife  and I update my boards on a daily basis! Today is a slightly different non wedding related Boho Pins,… Read more »



The Be.Workshop……….The Photos, The Review and News on The Next One!

If you are a regular follower of the blog you will know all about the Be.Workshops. If your not then I shall explain in Brief. The Be.Workshop is a new photography workshop set up for photographers looking for creative inspiration, new photography skills, as well as full on, no nonsense business advice. It is the brain child of my Good friends Jaye from Tux & Tales Photography and Shelly… Read more »



Valentines Inspiration

Happy Valentines Day – Valentines Day Inspiration And a Very Lovely Poem

    Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. To celebrate this day of love I have put together a little inspiration board for you full of love, hearts and happy thoughts. I hope it spreads some valentines day cheer into your world. I also wanted to share with you a rather wonderful poem I received from the wonderful people over at Confetti . I… Read more »



Happiness Project

Goodbye 365 Happiness Project 2012, It’s been an Experience….. Hello 365 Happiness project 2013

  Last year on 1st January 2012 I started my Happiness Project, a purely personal project that I set myself after having  a moment of clarity over the Christmas Holidays. Here’s what I said about it on tat first day……….. ‘In my attempt to spread a little positivity and happiness across the internet each day I am going to be adding at least… Read more »