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Kelly Hood

A Mini Boho Photo Shoot

last week while I was in London for the Rock and Roll Bride Party I asked Sassy from Assassynationif she would mind tacking a few shots of me, just for promotional purposes. I have lost of lovely photos of me in great costumes, and wonderful themed wedding dresses, but non of these are very suitable… Read more »

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Boho does the 1920s

Boho does the 1920s……….a sneaky peak

As you know by now I love having my picture taken…….I’m not sure if it’s a vanity thing, I just love the actual physical process of it all. I’ve always been into Drama and acting so I think it’s just a chance to show off and pose! So when the opportunity came about to do… Read more »

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boho wedding blog

1920’s Photo shoot update……the dress!

I told you all just before Christmas about a photography project that I’m involved in (read here for more details ) I am so excited as I am going to be playing dress up again and being photographed by the amazing Assassynation Not only that but I am having a dress made for me by… Read more »