365 Happiness Project 2014 – Week 33


Happiness Project


Week 33 – All the wonderful things that have made me happy this week.

  • Big smiles from Dexter
  • A trip to Nottigham to see my old friend Kathryn and her new baby boy
  • A really good catch up, so much to talk about
  • A pub lunch
  • A safe trip home
  • An evening chilling with Nik
  • Got to Dance and Orange is the new Black
  • Early morning baby cuddles
  • Nanna looking after Dexter for a few hours while I get some work done.
  • Dee eating some tuna (she really isn’t very well)
  • A package of goodies arriving from John Lewis
  • Clearing my emails
  • Getting to the vets with Dee after 2 days of worrying
  • Some god news after being told Dee might not have long left
  • Meeting Debbie and Lucy, trying to take my mind off Dee
  • More presents for Dexter
  • Fizz, good food and cocktails
  • A really good catch up and an update on all the gossip
  • Early morning phone calls from the vets saying Dee has mad eit through the night
  • Picking up Dee from the vets and giving her big cuddles
  • Happy that she seems more like her old self
  • More cuddles with Dee
  • Dee at last eating some food and gettng some sleep.
  • Friday the best day of the week
  • Dee looking  whole lot better after some sleep
  • Getting ready for a lunch date
  • Meeting my friend Claire for food and a good catch up
  • Cake
  • Baby cuddles and Sex and the City
  • Out for Friday evening drinks with Nik and Dexter
  • Fajita Friday
  • Dee eating lots (such a releif!)
  • A day in the office and getting everything crossed off my to do list
  • Prosecco and chocolate cake
  • Watching Good Will Hunting
  • An early night
  • Visiting Nik’s nan for her 89th Birthday
  • Tea and Cake
  • Dexter being super cute
  • A spot of shopping
  • Tea out, burgers and cup cakes
  • A chilled out Sunday evening with Got to Dance
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Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xx



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