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I do love a destination wedding, so today I am delighted to introduce you to a beautiful Italian wedding venue, set on the beach in an ideal location for any destination wedding. Amore Mio Events brings you the stunning Hotel Ambasciatori in Abruzzo Italy. With a beautiful beach location for your ceremony and mouth-watering food on offer for your reception what more could you need for your destination wedding?

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My name is Julie Sanders and I’m originally from Chicago, IL USA.  I met my husband on vacation in Cancun and got married 4 years later (In italy you do not change your last name when you get married!). I had the pleasure of having a wedding in Chicago and another one in Italy. I now live in Pineto (a small but beautiful beach town in Italy) where my husband and his family own a 4 star hotel on the beach.  It’s been 12 years that I have been living here and working at the hotel during the summer season.


Italy has been suffering from what we call a “crisis” and that has taken a toll on all businesses in italy.  Pineto and the Abruzzo region is very beautiful however it is not so well known outside the italian & Swiss market but when it is discovered it is very much appreciated.  Most hotels on the coast are open seasonal  only during the summer months: June, July and August).  It’s a shame to have the hotel closed during some of the best months: May, September and October.
Italy is a country that is all about history, food, wine, traditions & culture!  So being able to combine wine tours where you can actually see how wine is made, visit an olive grove and see olives being pressed into fresh oil and taste it on sliced local bread, visits to antique towns, seeing incredible landscapes and best of all trying local specialities.

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What made you start your business
When I first moved here I wanted to start a wedding planning business offering fabulous locations to brides however being new to the country, just learning to communicate in Italian and about to start a family made me put my plans on the shelf.  Then last summer while our Italian/american friends/clients from the USA came to visit they suggested that we offer the venue as a destination wedding venue. That sparked my original idea and I have been working to make it a dream come true!

When did you start?
I’ve been working at Hotel the for 12 years but I started the Destination wedding venue business since this past fall 2013.

Where are you based?
In Abruzzo Italy.  (30 minutes from the Abruzzo international airport in Pescara and only 2 hours from the Rome airports)

What were you doing before?
I was working at IBM credit corporation before I moved to Italy.

How would you describe your style? 
I love originality and romantic style.

What is your biggest achievement so far? 
I love the fact that I am the first to offer this service in this area on the beach and as soon as we just launched we already had many requests and bookings for the first year.

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What makes you different to your competitors? 
There are many popular tourist locations in Italy that offer wedding packages however the prices are quite inflated. In Abruzzo, since it is “off the beaten path”, you can have a wedding like the Italians celebrate with fabulous 5 + course meals and wine, at a very reasonable price for high quality food!

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love the fact that I can assist a couple in creating the most memoriable day of their life.  I can create a incredible experience for not only the wedding couple but with their family and friends buy having them discover the beauty that Abruzzo has to offer. Abruzzo is called the “Green region of Europe” with it’s marine protected parks has the best of both worlds: The clean blue flag beaches and the beautiful Gran Sasso mountains  in only an hours drive from each other.

What sort of couple do you think you attract?
I think the couples that are attracted to our venue are those that what something different and personalized to them.  Couples who want something intimate and special for themselves and their guests.

What would be your ideal wedding to work on? 
Every wedding is unique so it’s a pleasure to work each one!

Can you give me some information on your pricing structure?
Prices are based on what is requested:  Type of meal ( Meat, seafood, vegetarian etc.)  services ( flowers, photographer, music, document assistance, type of ceremony)

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What is your ideal way to spend a day off? 
Just relaxing or a walk along the beach

What can you never leave the house without?
House Keys and mobile phone

What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would pay off any debts, help my family with any debts, invest in making my business even better and travel!

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