365 Happiness Project 2014 – Week 4


Happiness Project

Week 4 – All the wonderful things that have made me happy this week.

  • Dee back from the vets, minus all the clumps in her fur
  • A good result at the hospital
  • The new series of Girls on the TV
  • My Glossy Box arriving, a very nice surprise!
  • Making future plans for Boho
  • Chatting with friends on the phone
  • The new series of The Following
  • The new bathroom being delivered
  • A new flower arranging book being delivered for me to review
  • Looking forward to the future!
  • Getting through my to do list
  • A lovely dinner cooked by Nik
  • Dee being soooo cute
  • Starting House of cards
  • The skip arriving which means we can throw loads of crap way!
  • My new hand bag arriving (and it was in the sale!)
  • Another wedding book arriving for me to review
  • That Friday feeling
  • The bathroom fitter arriving
  • The new bathroom taking shape
  • Fish and chips for tea
  • A very productive Saturday
  • A good clear out
  • Filling the skip
  • Empty draws and, empty shelves and a tidy shed
  • My baby bump at last showing through
  • An evening out
  • An early tea at the handmade burger company
  • The Wolf of wall street at the cinema
  • Lazy Sunday morning
  • A trip to Leeds to get bits and bobs for the new bathroom
  • A successful shopping trip
  • Glad that Nik and I have the same taste
  • A trip to the Kryspy Kreme shop
  • A finished bathroom
  • Adding all the trimmings
  • Sunday evening on the sofa with some good TV!
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Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xx

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