Happy New year and hello to a new Decade!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and welcome back to the Blog! It feels like an age since I’ve been away, but I’m  back in full force and full of energy for this new year and new Decade.

I trust you all had a great Christmas and New Year? mine was great. We had people to ours for Christmas day so I spent all of Christmas Eve and Christmas day cooking, and New year was spent with 12 friends at a rather lovely restaurant, we then raved our way into 2011 and ended up back at a party till 7am. I didn’t really take that many days off as I was still busy with the wedding planning side of what I do. However I did mange a couple of full on the sofa days in my PJ’s catching up on my film viewing with my lovely husband. Plus I did get quite a few lay in’s and there was no midnight working for me, strictly 6pm finishes which was a holiday in itself!

So I’m now back totally refreshed, and about half a stone heavier and ready for what 2011 has to offer!

Happy New year

2010 was a very eventful for Boho…….My first full year in Business, and I really can’t begin to explain how pleased I am with how things have gone. I’m not saying it wasn’t without it’s ups and downs. 2010 has taught me a lot about work life balance…..and how basically I suck at it! All my energies were thrown at Boho in 2010, and it really took a strain and a drain on my personal life, basically I didn’t have one! But on the up side Boho is now on it’s feet and both my services as a wedding planner, and my Little Blog seem well established!

So that leads me onto my new years resolutions. I’d like to say I’ve come up with some deep and meaningful resolutions and ideas for 2011, but I haven’t! BUT being more realistic about it these are my new years resolutions:

1) Work smarter –  I have to admit I faff…if I’m doing a job that should take me half an hour I will generally do it in an hour instead! I get easily distracted (mostly by twitter) and have systems upon systems of logging information, listing stuff and not making the most of technology. So this year I and going to try harder to work smarter, which I’m hoping will free up some of my time.

2) Spend more time with the people around me I love – This includes my Husband who I totally neglected in 2010, my Mum who I only met up with on 3 occasions, the fact that she lives in Cornwall is not a good enough excuse! and my Friends. I really am going to try harder to make more time for all of them!

 3) Make more time for myself – This probably goes hand in hand with no 2…….but as well as trying to spend more time with those I love, I really need to take a bit of time out for me. In the past year I have been totally obsessed with work. As much as I am a self confessed workaholic, I also need to put some time a side for my own needs. So maybe a bit more sleep, more time out at the weekends, both away from work and actually going out, more pampering and more shopping. Then if ther is time, those photography lessons and designing/dresmaking that I have been meaning to do for ages!

4) Get my wedding dress washed – yes this may seem lame, but I was married 18 months ago and my wedding dress is still hanging up in the spare bedroom, covered in Ibiza dust, and cow muck from my Trash the dress shoot! It needs to be clean and boxed up!

5) Loose a stone! – yes everyone is saying it but i really mean it. I have never been so big! OK I’m not massive, but my husband has taken to calling me jelly belly…so things need to change. I’m starting with the Dunkan diet and then I really need to make some time to do some exercise….I have a whole load of clothes in my wardrobe I want to get back into. Plus I have 4 photo shoots in the next 2 months so things need to change.

6) Stay true to what I believe in – I set myself standards and a high work ethic when I started Boho. I didn’t want to run with the norm, I wanted to create a business that reflected who and what I am. So far I have managed this. I have taken on some amazing weddings for this year, all of them have their quirky or alternative elements, some more traditional than others, some more individual than others…….but I haven’t and won’t compromise my standards, or what I believe in for commercial gain!

7) Keep working hard – even though I need more time for family and friends, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be working any less hard than I have been doing. Last year was all about establishing Boho, this year is all about sustaining that and making it grow! I have so many great projects coming up and so many ideas for where I see Boho going so I really need to stay focused and get on with it all.

So there you have it, nothing revolutionary!!! Mainly just keep on doing what I’m doing, but doing it bigger and better! The blog will see some changes, new features coming up, a new header being designed……as well as some changes and new services being added to the website.

So watch this space! and watch our for Boho this year………I expect BIG things!!!

Love Kelly xxxx

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    Clare Fletcher

    What a good read Kelly. I think I can relate to all of the above! I’ve been doing MWL for 7 years alongside other jobs and for 2 years full time and I’m still working on the work life balance. I’ve got a 2 year old & still struggle with time management. Just so much to do. This year I totally took Christmas off. I checked emails a few times & responded to money making emails only but was really strict. I have never felt so re-charged.

    Hey it’s the Tatton show soon we shall meet at long last

    Your Day - Your Way

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your New Year Resolutions Kelly! Keep on doing what you do and being an inspiration to the rest of us! Wishing you all the very best for 2011 and can’t wait to see you at the WIMag Awards. Lotsaluv, Kerry xx


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