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This afternoons post is for all those young photographers, just starting out in the wedding industry looking to develop your photography skills and wanting to take your business to the next level.

My Good friends Jaye from Tux & Tales Photography and Shelly from Toast of Leeds, who feature on the blog on a regular basis have set up a wedding photography workshop and it’s AWESOME!!
The  Be. Creative Wedding Photography Workshop is a two day practical and business led course. It offers a bit of everything to not only teach you to become better photographers but to also teach you to become better business owners! Both Shelly and Jaye have been in the industry for years, they have had their worked featured in blogs and magazines across the world and are both successful business women. Their technical knowledge both in shooting and in post processing is second to none, there isn’t anything these ladies can’t tell you.

I heart these ladies BIG time and after attending the last workshop in March I can say hand on heart how blooming awesome it was. The 2 days were jam packed with learning and inspiration, I really can’t recommend their teaching ability enough, you will not be disappointed! (You can see my full review of the weekend HERE along with a ton of photos taken on the day)

For a limited time only they are offering you a chance to win a scholarship for the whole weekend 

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Here are Shelly and Jaye to tell you more about the 2 day workshop………….

‘We would love for you to join us for a two day inspirational workshop which will help you discover new levels of creativity in your work as well as take your business to the next level!’


Set in the gorgeous surroundings of East Riddlesden Hall in Yorkshire, we’ve teamed up with some fantastic suppliers including Stems Design, Simply Vintage Events and more, to bring you an amazing styled photoshoot like no other. We will work with you hands-on in a small group environment to make sure you walk away knowing how to make the best of every shot you take. We will show you how to get gorgeous images using available light in an all-weather styled shoot plus a chance for you to focus on the challenges of a low light in a second styled shoot set in the gorgeous (but dimly lit) East Riddlesden Barn. We’ll discuss the common challenges of shooting in churches and other low light venues and teach you how to bend the light to work for you instead of against you.
We’ll talk about what influences us, our inspiration and our style, and more importantly we’ll talk about how you can shoot the way you want to.



Day two focus on making your business a lean, mean photography machine. We’re going to be looking at how to run your photography business efficiently leaving plenty of time for home life, how to manage and maintain a workflow, internet marketing and SEO basics, tips as well as tricks on finding the right suppliers to help you streamline your workflow. Previous delegates described Day 2 as a ‘Kick up the Ass’ that taught them how to take their business seriously!

4 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop 5 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop 6 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop 7 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop

Here are some of the things our lovely past delegates had to say:

Johanna – Summer Love Photography: “In all honesty, I think it set me up for this season brilliantly. I had done some training at the beginning of becoming a wedding photographer and then my path did twists and turns and I bumbled along, looking at others work, reading and researching myself for 2 seasons and then I came on this workshop and it just pulled everything together and I left feeling both inspired and like there had been a few light bulb moments. I am no longer scared of low light and letting darkness into my pictures, I actually wrote a plan, re-looked at pricing, my workflow and tweaked bits too. If you are starting out, this is invaluable (I wish I had done something like this in the beginning) and if you have a few seasons behind you it also gives you inspiration and the opportunity to learn more (never stop learning) and re-evaluate!”

Gavin Forster Photography:it was great to have 2 full days with photographers really focusing on the bits that we never talk about! i do spend time with photographers but mostly talking war stories rather than the meaty stuff of advertising and blogging! The workshop really kicked me up the ass to get my head really in to the game rather than dipping my toe in the water and i feel this shift in my head has brought on my photography.  Since the workshop its been great to be able to have the Be. Facebook group of people to ask all those stupid questions of that you would get laughed at on other groups;-) its a nice safe group of people to go arrrggghhhhh how do i do this! we are all in this together!  I still have loads of things to implement in my business from the workshop but  i’ll get there in the end!!” 

Sarah Ann Wright Photography: “I looked at lots of wedding photography training packages, but none of them offered what I really wanted, which was wedding photography as a business advice. Most concentrate solely on shoots, which is fair enough- where this workshop differed was the equal attention to detail from the hosts regarding both shooting and business advice. Learning low light tips on set in a styled shoot was extremely helpful with the hands on practise, and the 1to1 shooting time. No stone was left unturned and as someone who is only at the start of starting out as a wedding photographer it gave me the most valuable thing of all – the nudge to step into the unknown with confidence and the comfort of knowing that after the days workshop was over, I still had two hosts willing to coach, advise and encourage a former attendee.”

Bhavna – Upendo Images: “I cannot thank Jaye & Shelly enough, this workshop was everything I needed. I had just gone full time and was finding it really hard to manage my workflow and price my packages and finding that edge to be different… After attending the Be. Workshop my outlook on pricing, work/life balance and running a business totally changed, for the better I may add.  I am now so much happier in how I run my business and manage my workflow and how I am not afraid to shoot in the dark  Jaye and Shelly are a great team of photographers, teachers and listeners, they are inspiring and encouraging. Highly recommend the Be.Workshop to anyone considering it, DO IT and be part of the AWESOMENESS!”


It’s gonna be awesome! A full breakdown of the two days can be found HERE and to find out if the course is right for the level of photographer you are more details can be found HERE

8 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop 9 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop 10 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop 11 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop

Now is your chance to win a scholarship to the two day course!

Here is the skinny on how you can win your place…

12 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop 13 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop 14 Win a Scholarship to the Be. Photography Workshop


More Information

Date: 13th & 14th October, 2013
Cost: £200 per day or £350 if booked for the full 2 day workshop
Website to book www.bephotographyworshop.com
[email protected]

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  • Photo credits Jaye and Shelly


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