Diary of a Boho Bride – Charlotte and Alan, Entry 5: 4 Weeks to go – The Hen Do

diary of a boho bride

Today on Diary of a Boho Bride we are chatting to Charlotte and Alan. Char / Lottie now only has 4 weeks to go before the big day, As you can imagine she is getting pretty excited! last week she talked about her pre wedding shoot and this week it is all about the Hen Do! The hen party is just as important as the Stag do these days, gone are the days when it is all about the mans last night of freedom, these days the women’s last night plays just as an important part in the celebrations! It seems Char had an amazing time while Alan was off on his stag! Good for her!

diary of a boho bride

I’ll pass the Blog over to Charlotte…………..

Hello lovely Boho readers, my penultimate blog is here, where did time go?! In four weeks time, 2 years of planning will come to fruition and I can’t wait.

Alan is still recovering from his Stag doo in Hamburg last weekend (he must be getting old). Being part of several sporting clubs he has always been one of the lads when it comes to humiliating the Stag. So I was a little nervous when 30 of them flew to Germany, surely they would be planning their revenge. Needless to say when he returned I was relieved to see he still had his hair and eyebrows!!

So whilst the boys drank their body weight in the Bierkeller’s , the girls partied on down in Edinburgh.

Diary of a Boho Bride

You will know from my previous posts I am some what of a control freak, but with so much else to do once I had decided on the destination, means of transport and accommodation, I handed it all over to my bridesmaids….very brave of me.
The hand picked 14 journeyed up to Bonnie Scotland on a gorgeous sunny Friday, the mini bus ride was a long one but so much cheaper than the train. I had been concerned some of my girls had never met before and sleeping arrangements would cause an issue. I was recommended Smart City hostel in the central Edinburgh, I have never stayed in a hostel before so was a little dubious but it was fantastic, it meant we could have en-suite dorm rooms with bunks beds, it was so much more fun than 2 just sharing a hotel room, even though we had little or no sleep from giggling all night.

On Friday evening the girls had arranged to visit nice wines bar and a restaurant on George street, little black dresses was the theme…very Audrey Hepburn-esque.

Diary of a Boho Bride

Saturday morning after a good fill at breakfast, started with a walk to the castle and shopping on Princes street. Donned in my pink leg warmers and tutu, flashing badge, printed t-shirt, L-plates, tiara and veil I looked every inch the bride to be!!

Diary of a Boho Bride

Diary of a Boho Bride

Lunch was pre-booked at a bar in town followed by a cocktail making class which was fab, cosmopolitans galore!!

Diary of a Boho Bride

Then it was karaoke on the party bus before heading back for another costume change…..good job I love fancy dress.
My Saturday night persona was Cruella Deville and all the girls wore Dalmation accessories. We danced the night away until my little size 4’s couldn’t take anymore.

The 5 hour journey home was a little more subdued than on the way there, we had the best weekend ever and i was gutted it was over. My bridesmaids did me proud and gave Miss Battle a good send off.

Diary of a Boho Bride

Whilst the girls were planning my Hen party celebrations my mind was on another matter that I would love to share with you and hear your views.

What do you think of a bridal speech??

As a firm believer of equality, I think to hell with tradition. Despite an aversion to speaking in front of big crowds, I feel it’s my duty to give myself a bridal speech and have my say on a day that I have spent a long time creating.
But what are we supposed to say on the biggest day of our lives??

I find that with a break in tradition there’s very little to go on sometimes, and although the bride speaking is not revolutionary it’s certainly not part of normal proceedings. The Internet is full of hints and tips for grooms, best men and father of the bride but what about us girlies?

Diary of a Boho Bride

As I start to contemplate what I might say on my big day, I have put together some advice to help any of you who also wish to speak up:

  • The great thing is there are no rules, a brides speech is probably so un-common that nobody will have any expectations. That’s a wonderful thing.
  • Don’t be scared, everyone in the room is there because they love you, so enjoy yourself, thank who you wish, entertain and say what’s it is that you want to say.
  • Go first and give the men that follow a run for their money.
  • Be yourself and speak from the heart.


Its lovely to write for you all again,

See you in a few weeks time for my last diary as a Boho bride

Love Lottie x x x


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    Nicola Y

    I also get married in September, and for ages have toyed with giving a brides speech. Like you I feel that why shouldn’t I get my say about the day and why we are all gathered together (my love of my husband to be). I also think that sometimes the speeches are the best part of the day, as everyone gets a glimpse into the life of the happy couple. For our wedding I have thought about poems, song lyric (including my version of the fresh prince of Bel air), thank you’s and short stories. I really over think everything!
    However, my main concern and I don’t want to put you off, is what will I be adding to the speeches and to the day overall? I have sat through many a long team meeting where people have just repeated what others have said just for the sake of saying something. One idea I had thought of was to write something and then just decide to speak or not to speak on the day. That way I won’t be under pressure and can see how I feel as well as see what is mentioned in the other speeches.
    Our wedding is nowhere near where we live so we are having a close family and wedding party meal the night before. So I will be doing a small speech then mainly to thank everyone for all the support and maybe some cheese thrown in. This way I will feel comfortable and I still get to have a say but with the key people in our lives.
    Your thoughts and advice on what you decide on would be really appreciated.



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