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This afternoon on the blog it is all about Hiring the sound and lighting for your wedding venue. If you’re not hiring a purpose-built wedding venue for your wedding ceremony or reception then more often than not you will be responsible for hiring in your own lighting, sound and pa system, along with those added extras like dance floors. To turn your venue from venue into fabulous wedding venue will take organisation a bit of technical know how. Don’t worry though as I have enlisted the help of the guys at True sound Hire to tell you everything you need to know to make this possible.

True sound Hire

I’ll pass the Blog over to Kerry from True Sound Hire………………

Dear Boho readers.

I am writing to you from True Sound Hire LTD, we are a sound and lighting hire company based in Guildford, Surrey. Not only do we supply PA and lighting effects we also offer staging, dance floors, LED furniture, Corporate DJ’s and DJ kit.

I certainly don’t want to sit here and bore you with the nitty gritty details of what we can do and offer, as no one has time to read through a load of jumble especially when planning the biggest day of your life!!
So what I am going to do is offer some advice on what can be achieved and having confidence in making decisions as it can be quite daunting when you haven’t organised anything on this scale before. But don’t worry there are plenty of experts out there who can help and we are one of them!



Right…. When you have chosen your desired venue and can envisage yourself there on your big day in your beautiful dress and your soon hubby to be looking dapper in his suit, you freeze, why? Because you are faced with the task of creating a certain look, the wow factor that will impress your guests and yourself! But feel worried, and haven’t a clue where to start. Well don’t panic!! All venues no matter how big or small, grand or simple have the potential to look amazing with the right lighting and sound.
Start off with looking at your colour scheme, it’s always a good idea to try and choose lighting that matches the colour you’re going for, it flows.

sound and lighting

(Pink lighting /  band )


I would recommend uplighting, this is the most popular way to colour wash a venue in a sophisticated manner, and typically used for weddings. The uplighters we provide have up to 30 different shades of colour and they are LED so don’t become too hot when on throughout the day, which is a safety fact for your venue!!! They are easy to set up, so if you wanted to do this yourself then it’s not an impossible task. Once you have decided on the colour try positioning them about 2-3 meters apart around the room to get the best out of them. How many do I need? I hear you ask. Well this is completely up to you. We advise what we feel would work well with each individual venue but a rough guide would be for a small, intimate gathering of up to 50 people 4-6 would be ample. 50-100 then make it 6-10, 100-150 guests 10-14,150+ guests 14-18, 200 plus guests 18-24. Again this is just a rough guide, it is always more helpful to have the venues dimensions as well as the capacity and perhaps some pictures to look over to get an idea into the positioning of them.

You can certainly add more lighting effects to work with the uplighters, it doesn’t all have to ‘static’. We do moving head washes which are intelligent lights that move to the beat of the music and are more upmarket then the average disco light. They offer a good spread of light and can turn the dark, lifeless, bore of a hall into the party room of the decade!

Budget, yes this is definitely important. Things add up for sure. A more simplistic approach would be to go for some traditional disco effect lights like our Saturn 6’s which are sound to light activated and flash to the beat of the music. They are placed on a stand and t bar which I would recommend positioning behind your DJ / Band or ‘focal’ point of the venue. A little tip….. add a smoke machine, really shows up the beams and adds that party let’s dance vibe.

Unfortunately there is limited space on here so I cannot babble on much more about lighting as I won’t get anything else in! Moving on….

lighting ideas

( Boho spotlight / Green up lighters / Pink Lighting )


PA systems. So nowadays it is really the in thing to save money on a DJ and just make a playlist on your iPod or laptop, this is such a good, cost effective idea and can be done with ease. We supply PA systems which connect to your iPod or laptop to enable this to happen, not only that but they are really simplistic to set up which helps immensely! Especially when you are short on time.
Which one should I go for?? Well again a rough guide which we swear by is, the small system which is 2 speakers for up to 70 guests, medium package, 2 speakers and a sub for up to 120 guests and then the large package 2 speakers and 2 subs for 150 people.
For more than 150 people I would suggest using our RCF smaller system which is top quality, high end PA with clear sound and would definitely wow your guests.
Good quality sound, and easy to set up to sorted!

Ok so not everyone wants to do this, you may like the approach of having a DJ or band play thought out the evening to use as entertainment for your guests.
Some bands and some DJs don’t supply their own equipment, odd I know, but don’t worry this can be hired from us. We stock top of the range DJ kit known as Pioneer CDJ 2000’s and Pioneer DJM 900 mixers, which most ‘good’ DJs use or spec. Don’t worry if your band come to you and say we need a mic, mixer, monitors Di or anything else as once again we can supply that to!

true sund hire - DJ equipment

(Photo by www.analui.com )


Fancy splashing out on a dance floor?? These look incredible. We offer them in white / black plain or LED starlit. Most common for weddings is the starlit, dazzle your guests with one of these babies!
Whatever you decide to do have faith in your decision, no one will tell you that’s not right, or that looks silly, it’s your day and everyone is different with different taste and creativity.

Led Dance Floor

( white led dance floor / black led dance floor )


Another helpful tip is try and get a demo in before the big day of the kit you are interested in. Go and physically see what you are hiring in to make sure it is what you thought it would look like. Luckily we offer a free demo on all lighting and sound. Our guys are happy to run through how the lights /PA work and it certainly helps the decision making if you are having trouble deciding what would look good.

Just so you know we offer the full shebang. We can deliver, set up and then return to collect, so it saves you the hassle of worrying about getting this done, plus our guys are experts and know what they are doing so set up won’t take as long and cables will be neatly tucked away, little things like that make a huge difference to the appearance of a room, trust me.

Well I think that’s it for now. I do hope this has been of some help to you. If you have any questions or would like to pop to see us for a further look into what we offer or for some more advise then please visit www.truesoundhire.co.uk where you will find all out contact details.

All the best Boho readers and good luck with the big day!!!

Kerry x


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