Wedding Wednesday Discussion: Are you for or against the Royal Wedding?

It’s been a few weeks now since the announcement of the royal wedding, and we have all had enough time to take it all in and calm down from the excitement and huge tabloid coverage.
Now with the dust settled I thought I would raise the subject in the wedding Wednesday discussion…………..

Are you for or against the Royal Wedding

So what are your thoughts on the Royal wedding? Are you for it or against it?…………….I wanted to leave it open to you to hear your pints of view.

royal wedding

I have to admit my first reaction was pure happiness, I love a wedding at the best of times and the fact that it was a royal wedding made it even better. I remember princess Diana’s and Charles big day (showing my age) and I must have skived off school to watch Fergie and Andrew get hitched, but after that my student socialist views took over and I was totally against the royal family and everything they stood for! But now I feel differently. Maybe it’s now that I’m in the industry that I’m more interested, maybe now that I am married myself it means more?
But I still can’t help but ask myself what will it do to the wedding industry in the long run, will it be good or bad, so I find myself sitting on the fence.

charles and diana wedding

I’m for it:

So a huge wedding like this is surely a good thing?
• It’s going to bring a whole load of attention to the wedding world, at least for the next few months, everyone in the wedding industry will be asked questions, interviewed, and it’s a great chance for some extra PR and promotion for all of our businesses. I myself have been on the radio twice already discussing it, and I’m sure it’s not the last time! If you get your PR right then you can use this wedding to your advantage!
• It’s a massive boost for other couples to ride on the back of their wedding and get married themselves. Maybe couples who have been putting it off will decide to get married next year just so they can say they got married in the same year as the future king and queen of England, a massive boost to the wedding industry itself.
• It will make marriage more popular, if it’s good enough for the royals then it’s good enough for everyone.
• It’s a great boost for the UK. With so much gloom and doom about it’s something great for us to all look forward to, whether you like weddings or not. If you like weddings perfect then you can get wrapped up in the whole experience, if you don’t like weddings, then at least you get a day off work!
• It will bring in loads of extra money into the economy through tourism,
• It will put the UK on the map again but for something good this time!
• Something like this can really pull the UK together, remember the silver jubilee?

the royal wedding

I’m against it:

A huge wedding like this is surely a bad thing?
• There has been a huge alternative movement in the wedding industry over the last few years, people like Rock and Roll Bride have managed to revolutionise the way that some people see their big day, what is this royal wedding going to do? It’s just going to take us back to square one! How many copycat weddings are we going to get after this one? How many brides wanting that same dress, the same colour scheme, the same flowers, where will the individuality go, the imagination?? Is this royal wedding going to undo all the hard work that some have been fighting for?
• The cost. The wedding is going to cost the tax payer millions. OK so Kate’s parents have offered to pay for the wedding with Prince Charles helping out. But how about the millions in security for the day, that’s down to us the tax payer, it’s not like we haven’t got enough to pay for at the moment!
• What about all those other brides getting married on the same day. I myself will be working on that day, I have a fabulous wedding I will be co-ordinating and luckily my bride is just happy that all her guests won’t have to take the day off work. Other brides though have not seen it quite as graciously! How would you feel if the limelight had suddenly been taken away from you on the most important day of your life? And what if you are getting married in London, what about the roads, the security, the hike in price for hotels? Couldn’t they have picked a Tuesday, or a Wednesday instead? A much less popular wedding day!
• The bank holiday is going to cost small businesses millions. Yes it’s great to have a day off, but your employers still have to pay you while you’re not at work!
• Is this going to make brides feel they are going to need to spend their life savings on their weddings? This goes along with my first point. Will brides be made to feel insignificant if their wedding is nothing like Kate and Will’s will people once again feel the need to spend over the odds on their weddings?

So all in all I’m guess I’m happy that the royal wedding has brought a huge focus onto the wedding industry, that can never be a bad thing! But at the same time I’m kind of worried that it will also bring with it a whole host of identikit Kate and Will weddings to follow!

So what do you think?
I’d love to hear if you are for or against…or really couldn’t care less. Leave your comments below and join in the discussion.

Kelly xx

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    Nikki Foster

    I AM FOR IT!!!

    A high profile wedding is a good thing for the industry. A wedding of this magnitude is phenomenal. Every little girl will start to dream of her big day (and hopefully who can help her plan it).

    It is also good for the Country. There has been too much doom and gloom for far too long. Lets get behind the Royals and wish them every success in creating a spectacular day.

    Nikki Foster
    I Do Designer Weddings

    Carly Flanagan

    I did fall out of love with the Royals myself during my student days but now I’ve come to see them as an integral part of British history and tradition. The Royal Family are recognised across the world, bring in millions of pounds to our economy through tourism, and raise millions of pounds for charities each year. Therefore, I’m inclined to disagree with the argument that they cost the taxpayers money.

    I was too young to remember Charles and Di’s wedding so I am really excited to witness the wedding of our future King and Queen. I think it will give a real boost to the wedding industry and to the institution of marriage itself. I’ll be hanging out my union jack bunting and celebrating with a glass (or two) of Pimms for sure! :)

    Kitty Kanzashi

    I think the wedding is a good thing but it should not be blown out of proportion. Personally, I hope the variety of wedding dresses are not all going to be based on her one. Brides already feel under pressure to conform with current dress styling and colours so if the range decrease even further then weddings will be dull.

    Anyway it seems like forever since we had a large royal wedding so it’s good for the country to celebrate and have fun.

    Amethyst Photography

    I’m neither for or against it in terms of the wedding. When two people love each other, then marriage seems a logical step in the process.

    I do however object to massive amounts of public money being spent on it. There are many brides and grooms who would like a fraction of this budget to do theirs, and to those who say that it will generate money into the economy, financial reports state that it will bring £1bn in extra sales, tourism etc, BUT will cost the country £5bm in lost revenue through to the additional holidays


    Shuva Rahim

    Very interesting post! I love royal weddings, just the glamour and hype and tradition is enough to get people excited! Even for us in the U.S. who don’t get to see live weddings of celebrities. Economically, yes it will cost in security but I think it will ultimately be good and bring in more money as a result of tourism and other events. Besides, it’s only one day. And the wedding industry and other industries can milk this event for all its worth and run with it!


    It is also good for the Country. There has been too much doom and gloom for far too long. Lets get behind the Royals and wish them every success in creating a spectacular day.


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