My Photography Diary: A Family Day Out in Leamington Spa – 19th August 2012

Here is entry 2 of my Photography Diary, a place where I will be documenting my journey with photography. Last time I talked about My first Photography lesson and why I was interested in Photography.

After my first proper lesson with my camera I was raring to get out and take some photos of real things. Lucky this coincided with a family day out planned in Leamington Spa for Nik’s mum’s 65th Birthday.

Niks is one of 4 siblings along with 5 nieces and nephews, so we all descended on Nik’s younger sisters  Johanna’s house for a surprise birthday celebration for his mum. With drinks and nibbles at Johanna and Pauls house first, his mum then arrived to a BIG surprise from 13 of her children, childrens partners and grandchildren. After the present giving we all took off to a big family pub for a lovely meal and then an afternoon relaxing the bear garden.
It was lovely taking some pictures of the family, something that everyone can enjoy! I do think that baby Lola stole the show though!

I kept the camera on AV and played around with the ISO and the aperture  After the workshop where I was shooting products shots in controlled lighting conditions, I realised just how much harder it was working with humans that move in changeable lighting conditions outside. Looking at these photos I realise I also need to be aware of shadows.

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Big Boho Love

Kelly xx





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    Thanks so much Jaye, coming from you that means a lot. Yes Lola is adorable isn’t she, I must stress that was water she was drinking not wine! xxx


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