A massive Congratulations to William and Kate

I’m going to keep this short and sweet but I thought it would be a bit daft if I didn’t mention it at all, I’d like to sat a massive congratulation to Prince William and the Now princess Kate on their engagement!

royal engegement

It’s going to be all over the news now for the next 6-8 months, there is going to be so much speculation as to when it will be, where it will be, who will be there, who will design dress! but I can’t feel completely delighted for the happy couple.

It would be great to see William and Kate break out of the Royal mould and do something different, not sticking to tradition…………I certainly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes with all those formalities to cover. I really hope they stick with what they want to do, not be dictated to by the Royal Court. But what ever happens, it’s a Royal Wedding!!! and we all LOVE a good wedding don’t we!!

There will be brides up and down the country next year going for a copy cat version of What ever Kate decides to wear, she will be setting the trend for dresses, hair, flowers, so the whole of the wedding world will be watching with bated breath!

As for the cost, years ago in my socialist student days I would be cursing how much it will be costing the tax payer, but realistically now I don’t care so much! As much as they have said they will be mindful to the current economic climate this country needs a good wedding, we need that feel good factor, we need a day of work!!! and what the wedding brings the country in tourism revenue will hopefully pay for the wedding itself ten fold!

So I’m sure in the folloing months you will see a whole host of wedding related blog post sping up, I’m already thinking ‘My ideal Alternaive Royal Wedding’ (may do this next week)

But for now I’d like to wish the very happy couple and the now ‘Princess’ Kate (who looks like an Elizabeth Hurley double) a very happy engagement!…………..Happy Planning!!!!!!

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