Goodbye 365 Happiness Project 2012


Happiness Project

Last year on 1st January 2012 I started my Happiness Project, a purely personal project that I set myself after having  a moment of clarity over the Christmas Holidays. Here’s what I said about it on tat first day………..

‘In my attempt to spread a little positivity and happiness across the internet each day I am going to be adding at least 1 thing onto the blog that has made me happy that day, even if I am having the most worst of days I will still have to find something that has made me smile, or has made me thankful…………so as you can see a personal project for myself if nothing else.’ 

A year on I have completed the Happiness Project. (You can view all the posts HERE) The whole exercise was a very interesting one and one I have learnt a lot from. It taught me that even on a really bad dayI can to find something to smile about. I have to admit that there were days when this was easier said than done! as not all days are full of sunshine and roses….BUT it did make me put things into perspective more and it really made me appreciate the little things in life. It has also proven to be a wonderful diary for me to keep and look back on!

Here’s a few of my 2012 highlights!

Happiness Project


So what next? I have asked myself and a few friends if I should carry the exercise on. I wasn’t to sure another year of photos of Dee, wine,  and food was going to be all that interesting for people, so I have decided to alter the format a little.

2013 will see a weekly round-up post, highlighting all the things that have made me happy that week, AND  I will be carry on posting each day but with a an inspirational quote to set you on your day!

To find the quotes and the weekly round, click on the ‘Personal‘ header in the navigation bar and then ‘Happiness Project‘ on the chalk board.

Happiness Project


So I hope you will carry on following me on my Happiness Journey, who knows what 2013 has in store for us all. I know a few other people are doing similar projects so do let me know if you are and leave me a link in the comments box below!


Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xx




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