Diary of a Boho Bride – Laura and Chris, Entry 8: Bridesmaids and Ushers

Today on Diary of a Boho Bride we welcome back Laura to the Blog. Laura’s Big day is creeping up, the 13th April isn’t long away now, so you can imagine she is getting pretty excited! Last time Laura talked about her Wedding Guests and how she was intending to keep them happy. Today it is all about her wedding party, the bridesmaids, best man and ushers.

I’ll pass the Blog over to Laura…………

Diary of a Boho Bride


Hello hello! Lovely to be writing a little update again for you all, it’s all getting a bit exciting over here.  (FIVE MONTHS!!!)

People keep telling me I’m a super organised bride but the truth is I’m just very, very aware of how busy I am going to be what with work etc in the month up to the wedding, I really don’t want to be stretched too thin in the final run-down. For instance, a few weeks before I have a massive exam, 5 weeks before a huge race down in London and then just two weeks before a week-long intensive training camp with my rowing club. So, stuff needs doing now.

I’ve sent the invites – we didn’t do save the dates so felt the invites should go early – and am already getting lovely RSVPs dropping into my post-box. I love snail mail; this is what happens when our rowing friends RSVP!

Diary of a Boho Bride

(Yes, they are little rowing blades marking the ‘attending’ box!)

Whenever I get an RSVP I put the guests name into the table plan (using a computer programme so I can edit easily) and make their place name for the tables (see this tutorial!).

But really, I wouldn’t be this organised without my girls and boys by my side. With Chris away I’m doing everything on my own. Ok, he gives opinions and signs off on things, but it is my physically making and doing, emailing and ringing people.


This brings me onto our bridesmaids and ushers…….


Meet team bride:


Ingrid has been my running partner, party friend and general gossip girl throughout university. We’ve shared many muddy runs, bottles of wine and pots of tea and since she moved back to Sheffield to do her MA I could not be happier. She is in charge of THE HEN and I already have a hint at the plans and fancy dress theme, but I also know she has a few surprises tucked up her sleeve too.  I hope they involve cake (Ingrid – are you reading this?!)

Diary of a Boho Bride INGRID


I have known Charlotte from the sweet age of 16, and since working together in a bakery (and sampling some of the finest cake-shop creations); we have stayed good friends despite living on either side of the Peak District. She has influenced my taste in music and movies from the moment we met, and now both share a great love to singing along to musicals such as Rocky Horror and Hairspray. Honestly, one of the coolest people I know (she does aviators much better than me!) and oozes calm at all times.

Diary of a Boho Bride CHARLOTTE


I don’t have a maid of honour. Well, I did, but she dropped out a few months ago, something which was a bit hard to deal with at the time but now I can say that I have two best girls. I will always be thankful for them swooping in and picking up where the maid of honour left off with no grumbling or stress, just total calm and loveliness. My bridesmaids are amazing. They have hands-down saved me from melting down a couple of times and I can always rely on them to completely agree with whatever random request I have. I was always worried about finding dresses etc so just asked them what colour and style they wanted, and thankfully they both agreed! Chris, on the other hand, gets three boys keeping him in check/encouraging him.



Meet team groom:

A year Chris’ junior, Dave is no shorter. He is best at taking your money in a game of poker and can be relied upon to produce some hilarious anecdotes about the Groom. As Best Man, Dave will take his duties very seriously, including organising a stag-do of epic proportions and guarding the rings with his life.

Diary of a Boho Bride DAVE (best man)


This guy has known Chris and I throughout our entire relationship, and often invites Chris down to Milton Keynes for his infamous parties. He took me under his wing (along with the other usher, Stuart) when I was a wee little 15 year old in my first ever weekend job, and trust him implicitly. This slick man will be rocking his suit to the MAX on the dance-floor, and will be the instigator of many dance-offs through the night.

Diary of a Boho Bride DAVE (usher)


As the eldest member of Team Groom, Stuart is questionably the most sensible. He met me in my young days working in the bakery and often visits Chris and I at our home in Sheffield. He is so very helpful and I can count on him to be organised on the day. Hey, he even asked me for an ‘action plan’ the other day! He’s more organised than me!

Diary of a Boho Bride STUART (usher)



So there you have it, team bride and team groom all present and correct. The girls have their dresses – I still need to take them up though so hopefully more on that next time – and the boys are in charge of sorting their own suits. I’d hate to dictate how they look, they are all so achingly cool I trust that they will come along rocking their suit and tie in their own little way…though I’ll put £100 at least one of them has a tie round their head by 6pm.

We are so lucky to have such good friends helping us out; I don’t care I don’t have a maid of honour, after all how could I possibly choose just one?!

Laura x



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