The Diary of a bride to be – two days to go and the stress is showing!

It’s the week before the wedding and our Guest Bride to be,  Emma from Emma Louise Writes, is feeling the stress with only two days to go before her big day!
Here is her last diary entry as a Miss Linder……soon to become a Mrs!

Stressed……it’s all in the Jaw for me

The final countdown has officially begun, two days and two sleepless nights to go until the big day! As I’m sure most bride-to-be’s would agree, the mixture of excitement, nerves, anticipation and downright fear can be completely overwhelming, causing even the most emotionally stable of women to turn in to a jibbering wreck.

I thought I was holding it together quite well, no random meltdowns in the florist, no surviving on grass to be able to squeeze in to my dress and not even one argument with my fiance! My jaw, however, tells a different story. I have been suffering with undiagnosable toothache for the last 18 months, pain down the right hand side of my jaw that never, ever lets up and is completely baffling the 8 dentists I have been to see. No one can find anything wrong, my teeth are fine, and I have taken so many different types of medication I would be arrested if I tried to leave the country.

Running the risk of becoming known in any local dentistry as the crazy,panda-eyed sobbing woman, I decided to turn to alternative therapy and booked myself up for a week of Acupuncture. Apparently, my stress levels are so high that my nervous system is at breaking point and the nerve in my face is feeling the brunt of it. Cue a horrendous massage which felt like I was being kneeded by a meat cleaver, 15 mini needles jabbed in to my cheek, ears, feet and hands and electric currents passed through my face! Not to mention the absolutely vile concoction of herbs, twigs and leaves that I have to brew up and drink twice daily…

They say stress manifests itself in many different ways and despite my protests at not feeling remotely stressed out, my sub-conscious is telling me otherwise! I shall persevere for one more day and hope that the minute I say “I do” the jaw will relax and I’ll be able to munch happily my wedding breakfast! Although I must say, the latest weather forecast for the weekend is making me smile… predictions of a surprise warm weekend for the whole of the UK!! Come on Mr Blue Sky….

That’s it for me ladies as a single woman…. At 12:30 on Sunday I’ll leave behind Miss Linder and step across in to the unfamiliar territory known as marriage… see you on the other side!!!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Emma the best of luck for Saturday, I’m sure she will have an amazing day! I’ve really enjoyed having her write for me and I hope you have as well.
To find out more about Emmas journey as a bride to be go to:
Emmas Blog
Come back in a few weeks to hear all about how the day went……and have a sneaky peak at some of the photos.

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