Guest Blogger: We should be able to get married where ever we want shouldn’t we?

Today’s Guest Blogger comes from the organises of the the Any Campaign.
As a lover of outdoor weddings and all things different this campaign is close to my heart and something I really wanted to push and publicise. So Penny And Martin put this post together to help people see what they are doing, maybe one day soon we will be able to get married anytime….anywhere!!

If I could be married anytime…….anywhere….

Seen a post on a wedding blog recently with a dazzling bride in a gorgeous dress in the most stunning outdoor location? Ever wanted to create something equally beautiful, in your own unique style? Live in England or Wales? Then you’ll need to go back to the drawing board, because the law prohibits marrying anywhere other than beneath a licensed permanent structure with a roof, and you have to do it between 8am and 6pm, so no summery weddings at sunset either!!

the Any Campaign

The Any Campaign, fronted by wedding photographers Tino&Pip Photography, wants these rather outdated laws relaxed so that everyone can have the wedding of their dreams, anytime, anywhere. We have such a huge choice when it comes to our dress, flowers, jewellery, stationery, cakes….but when it comes to picking a venue, then we can’t let our imaginations run free because licences are awarded to a fixed venue rather than the celebrant. Many current venues have beautiful outdoor spaces which they cannot use for the ceremony because the laws are so strict. We live in a beautiful country with breathtaking beaches, ruined castles, parks, mountains and woodland but we cannot marry at any of these either! Yet in Scotland, venues can be licensed temporarily, so as long as the local council approves, you can get married pretty much anywhere. Granted, this is not perfect, but one step better than in England and Wales, which is why we have started a petition to bring the UK wedding laws in line with many other countries, including the USA.

The frustrating part of this is that the government already has its own white paper from 2002, ‘Civil Registration: Vital Change’,outlining the need to modernise the marriage laws, and also a document produced in 2005 by the General Register Office entitled ‘Registration Modernisation’, which reaffirms this need. Unfortunately the process seems to have been put on the back burner, so we are asking people to sign the petition to encourage the government to reassess the law and give everyone the opportunity to choose their ideal wedding venue!

I’m sure everyone thinks this is a great idea, As a wedding planner I would love the laws to be changed, just think of the amazing weddings I could plan if they didn’t have to be in licensed buildings!!

To find out more go to: www.theanycampaign
and to sign the petition CLICK HERE
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