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This week it’s countdown week 7 for our bride to be Emma things are going well for her and she is certainly cracking on with the jobs…….but this time it seems it is her guests causing her problems!

Guests Code

As a reasonably calm, placid and understanding person, I have always been the agreeable type- often to the point of saying “yes” when I really mean the exact opposite. A New Years resolution for 2010 however was to be more assertive (and this doesn’t include shouting at the kittens to stop clawing my tights). This week, I got the chance to see just how assertive I could be when a good friend of mine did in my 7 weeks-to-go bridal eyes, the unthinkable.

I received an e-mail last week with the subject header “Can I wear this to your wedding?” Knowing said friend, I clicked on the link to a Karen Millen dress assuming it would be some hideous frilly luminous yellow number, sent to me to cause a minutes panic in thinking she was actually serious. What popped up on my screen in fact, was a beautiful, floor length, cream gown, fitted bodice with a sweetheart neckline and a flowing, organza skirt. Now, if you are reading this and are a bride to be, please tell me you would have thought this was a joke. Surely everyone knows the unwritten rule of never, ever wearing a dress that resembles a bridal gown to a wedding? Deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt I replied with a capital (and bold font) “NO” complete with several exclamation marks and stating she can’t possibly be serious at wanting to look like the bride. What I did not expect, was the barrage of abusive emails subsequently received in which I was advised I was being a) unreasonable, b) stroppy and c) over-reacting.

Reading each email and staring intently at the picture of the dress, I literally was bubbling inside with bridal rage. I am fully aware that no-one would be looking at her anyway and that despite the fact I am not getting married just because I get to be the centre of attention for a full 24 hours, I still want to be. I do not want the groom’s side of the guests that I haven’t met before being unsure over which of the two girls in the long cream dress is the bride. I know it’s petty and immature but I absolutely do not care. This is the one day of my life I get to wear the dress of my dreams and not worry about anyone else looking like me. So I have stuck to my guns, refused to give in to the guilt trip she is attempting to lay on me, and asserted my bridal rights to dictate the dress code. Since the closing email, I haven’t heard a word from my nemesis and am wondering if the friendship has been damaged. If by being assertive and showing my true feelings has lost me a friend then I think I’ve learnt what the word friend really means.

On a much brighter note (thankfully!) this weekend has been very productive in terms of wedding plans!! Whilst I was having my hair trial, my fiancé and my sister were busy getting stuck in to our table plan design. Hand made by two people who between them have an art degree and a thriving business creating beautiful vintage table décor, I knew it was in safe hands! Here it is at the first stage of the design,

The bird cage represents our table centrepieces and the lace and pearls follow the theme. Also completed were the table name cards, themed after our honeymoon! All we need to do now is decide on who’s sitting where…. And whether I have a space to fill with a new friends name…

To find out more about Emmas journey as a bride to be go to: Emmas Blog and for more details on her sisters company go to Vintage Twee

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    Love the table plan!

    And that friend sounds ridiculous, I wouldn’t even consider wearing a cream short dress to a friend’s wedding (OK I considered it once but only because I have a very flattering one in my wardrobe & the bride was going to be wearing pink) but I would NEVER wear a long cream bridal-resembling dress. Bad wedding ettiquette.


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