The Diary of a bride to be……….Planning the hen Do!

Yesterday I introduced Emma to you our lovely bride to be, with 11 weeks until her big day.
Today is the first day where we follow her journey from Miss Linder to Mrs Gregory

Chapter 1: Planning the Hen Do

For me, in less than 2 months its time for the biggest, most anticipated, (sometimes dreaded), night of a woman’s life. My hen do.
Now, please don’t get me wrong, of course I’m looking forward to it, its just I’m wondering whether the fact I’m likely to end up chaperoning a herd of lustful ladies on champagne around Dublin is a) appealing to me as at least I can post the pictures on Facebook before they do, or b) worse than a centrally positioned boil on your nose on THE big day.
After much deliberation over how to attempt a recession-proof hen do that will prove more exciting than a night in devising our own potent cocktails, I plumped for a day and night in the Emerald Isle. Cheap flights (as long as you only take hand luggage – cue arguments over who’s taking the GHD’s) and a twin bedded hotel rooms make the whole process come in for less than £60 per person. So far, so good. Now I’m left with the challenging task of dreaming up sufficient entertainment to please my wide variety of hens. From fussy eaters to man hunters, police officers to cabin crew, I’ve got my hands full!

I’d love to be the type of bride who can happily leave her ladies to arrange the L plates, cringe-worthy t-shirts and plenty of phallic shaped objects… but I just can’t. My mothers’ obsessive compulsive streak has clawed its way to the surface and I need to be in control! Being the centre of attention terrifies me somewhat, and combined with the ready made pressure that comes with being the bride on a hen do, I can feel my sanity starting to slip by the bridal wayside.
If this is my big send off in to marital bliss, kissing goodbye to those days of single-dom deserves some proper preparation and I’m going for gold when it comes to outdoing the rest. I’d evaporate in a cloud of embarrassment at a stripper, clear the room if made to go on karaoke and instantaneously gag if I had to even sniff Absinth.
So far the plans include blindfolded wheel-barrow racing, Thai food and frozen vodkas; a possible hilarious time or several emergency trips to A & E? Hmmmm.
Follow my fortnightly updates on Boho Events to see if I manage to organise the classy, organised do that I desire… or end up pictured on every social networking website slumped behind a juke box cradling a pint of Guiness…

To keep up to date with Emmas planning stories pop back to the blog every 2 weeks, or you can have a look at Emmas Blog at Emma Louise Writes

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    Dublin should be fantastic – I’m sure you don’t need to worry too much about it! I think there’s a lot more people after a more sophisticated kind of hen do these days – much less embarrassing for all parties! And I love the idea of blindfolded wheelbarrow racing….just maybe pack a few plasters, just in case…


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