2 people 1 life: wedding number 12 in Belize…plus THE most amazing Trash the dress!

If you are  a regular reader of the Blog you will remember Lisa and Alex from 2 people 1 life fame, who are currently traveling round the world getting marred in every country they stay in. We started following their journey in Manchester for wedding number one back in June 2011 . Then in January I gave you a run down of all of the weddings so far HERE. Today I am pleased to be able to share with you wedding number 12 which took part in Belize, as well as a rather amazing Trash The Dress Shoot which happened the day after the ceremony.

Lisa and Alex took part in a traditional Belize ceremony and were helped out by Luciana and Reyes, who helped to plan everything.  They are part of the Toledo Ecotourism Association who are a voluntary organisation trying to help locals gain from ecotourism. The Photographer was the amazing Maya Popavic from Conch Creative and Lisa got to wear Tabitha her Charlotte Balbier gown once again for the Trash the dress Shoot.

Lisa has written her own report of the day.

I was dressed in my beautiful hand-made Mopan outfit. My lack of hair was a bone of contention but Luciana managed to do something with it for me with a splash of gel and a few pins.
The last addition to my outfit was my handmade earrings and once I was ready Luciana gathered up buckets of bread she had made for us, a drum (no exaggeration) of homemade cacao drink and a huge chocolate cake fit for 30 people!

We drove to the waterfall and emptied the van to the sound of the Marimba. We all stood and listened and then Venustiano invited us down to the waters edge to hold the ceremony. The ceremony was a traditional catholic ceremony and as we said our I do’s for the 12th time we looked into each others eyes and listened to the water splash behind us.

Luciana had been so kind as to lend me a hand sewn sky blue skirt and embroidered white vest with the traditional Mopan stitch around the neck. She had also very thoughtfully lent me the veil she had held at her wedding to Reyes 23 years ago and that Reyes mother had worn at her own wedding another 20 years previous to that. It was bright turquoise with bright coloured silks at each end. I was proud to wear the outfit and hear Luciana and Fernanda giggle as Alex and I sneaked a kiss during the ceremony.
Once we had exchanged vows Luciana as our witness joined us together with a red ribbon and we were allowed to kiss to seal our commitment. Every body cheered and took pictures as we balanced on the rock at the waters edge.

Luciana and Fernanda handed around bread and cacao and the Marimba started up again in celebration.  We went for a paddle with Maya from Conch Creative for some pictures and then the dancing started!
Before we knew it the sun had dropped, we had all eaten huge wedges of cake and had a total sugar rush after our cacao wich was like nothing I have ever tasted. I asked what was in it and the list was extensive, I remember pepper and mace being involved but whatever it was, it was fantastic.
We dropped Reyes and Luciana home and continued on to PG where we had a hotel booked.

We ate out to celebrate with Maya and had an amazing fish dinner and as always, absolutely exhausted we hit the hay early ready to drive the 200 miles to Belize city in the morning.
Nobody said planning a wedding was easy but it was certainly worth it!

The following day we started our day with fry-jacks and coffee and hit the road…back to the garage! While the boys were tinkering about with Peggy, Alex had the idea of taking a few pictures amongst the rotting cars with weeds growing out of their engines. As we knew she would, Maya loved the idea and after we had asked the bewildered garage owner for permission, we got dressed and paddled into the boggy, saturated field full of rusting old cars. The sun shone properly for the first time in days but the clouds still loomed with a threat of rain. The forgotten, neglected vehicles with their inards strewn all around made a fantastic contrast to the soft, flowing Tabitha gown and the whole idea was perfect…until Alex asked me to get into the boot of a rotting car…but…why not I guess?!

For more information Maya Popavic / Conch Creative go to
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    Lisa Marie Gant

    we’re always so proud to be featured here Kelly, thanks so much for showing off the great pictures! The TTD ones are amazing and the TEA Belize are such a great organisation and its great to spread the word about the work they do! We loved Belize and the wedding there, it was so beautiful! X

    Robin Larder

    Are these the most memorable weddings in the world? I think they may be…


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