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Today I would like to share with you a bit more information from one of my lovely Sponsors Alexander Leaman.  Alexander Leaman is based in Surrey and has been tacking photos now for 10 years, so not only does he bring with him a contemporary eye but a huge amount of experience in his field.

Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography

He has been kind enough to tell us a bit more about his Photography along with a collection fo his favorite images.

I’m Jason Alexander Leaman, and I’ve been a pro wedding photographer for 10 years. It’s been a fun ride so far, and It’s been great to see how wedding photography has evolved in that time. And I love the fact that I’m always getting wound up in someone’s story and there to capture people at their most effervescent. Getting married, making that big statement, it’s a really positive thing, and it’s always amazing to be a part of that, a witness to a powerful human condition. Great Wedding Photography can show us who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading. Bit cheesy? Well, maybe, but it really is about all of these things, and seeing it is what I do.

Alexander Leaman Photography

Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography

I’ve always been a photographer first and foremost. My dissertation was based on the Family Album that we all grew up with. One summer a lot of friends seemed to be getting married and I basically gate crashed those events and stole my own take on what was really happening!
I live in Godalming in Surrey with my amazing (ever expanding, it feels) family. It’s a really central location with really easy access to London, the coast, and just a couple of hours from the midlands. It’s meant that I’ve been able to shoot weddings all over the UK with an emphasis on Surrey and the surrounding counties.

Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography   Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography

Photography style
It’s a bit controversial, but I don’t always agree with a lot what’s fashionable. I never wanted to pigeon-hole myself into a category of buzzwords like reportage, journalistic, fine art, classic, contemporary, and all the rest of it. I don’t want to be confined to only shooting one way when so many of my clients haven’t even figured out their timings. I generally work with my couples, find out a bit about each other, and collaborate. This way we discover what’s possible according to what they want to end up with.


Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography

Biggest achievement
Professionally, it’s been maintaining a hectic business and surviving in a very competitive and changing environment. Digging my heals in and staying relevant has sometimes felt a little like swimming against the tide, but I’m glad I’ve done it that way. Personally? Surviving having three children blows me away every day.

Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography

I love trying new things out and I’m definitely a constant student of what photography can be. It’s a freedom I love. I love meeting people, seriously. I see weddings as a place and time when people really open up. It’s an emotional day, and bolstered by an electric spark in the moment I get to see that we’re all basically after the same things in life. It’s a very humbling experience. The geek in me enjoys simply the artistic merits of photography at a base level and the look on people’s faces when I hand them their album.

Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography

The philosophy and approach to photography can get long and convoluted, and I’m all up for that, but I try not to bore my couples with that! When it comes to pricing it’s all about simplicity for me. I run what I call the Core Package and that’s £1350. Unlimited photography, albums, digital presentation, a ‘Together’ pre-wedding shoot. I’m very proud to say that there’s a lot included in my price. Then of course you can get into extras, upgrades, and make decisions based on what’s important to you. I’m always looking for exclusive materials and products, and have got some exciting things lined up for this Summer and 2013, but I can’t tell you about them here! I like to keep some things back for my clients!

Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography Alexander Leaman Photography

For more information go to
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07738 413 599

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