A Romantically Gothic Trash the Dress Shoot

I do love getting Trash the dress shoots submitted to me, ever since I did my own Trash the Dress back in 2010 I just love them. It really is a great way to get some more wear out of your wedding dress once you are married and instead of it hanging up collecting dust, you can get some pretty amazing photos out of it!

Gothic Trash the Dress

Todays shoot was sent into me by Jaye from Tux and Tales Photography  the bride is Steph Holmes  who was married at Sudbury Hall in June, 2011, she decided that she wanted to do a trash the dress shoot with Jaye in the run up to the wedding, the shoot took place in October 2011.

Gothic Trash the Dress

Gothic Trash the Dress

A few words from the bride:
In the run up to our wedding Jaye had mentioned that she would like to do a trash the dress shoot. As soon as I got home I did a google image search. I was really inspired, I loved the concept. We talked lot about what I wanted, I wanted the dress to get organically dirty rather than purposely. I work in the Arts and love photography. So, for me having a set of amazing images of the dress were more appealing than keeping the dress in the attic.
I would never have wanted to have worn my mum’s wedding dress on my wedding day (sorry mum), but it would have been amazing to see photos of her wearing hers in a lake, climbing a mountain in it or jumping out of trees!  I was so happy with our wedding photos that I really didn’t mind not having he dress after as I knew Jaye and Matt would make 100% sure I had fantastic photos. Jaye said they could take photos where the dress really wouldn’t get that dirty. But I decided we should go for it, if I was doing it I really wanted something that I could pull out in 50 years time and wow my children and perhaps even grandchildren and great-grandchildren with!
We spent a whole day in October in the rain and freezing cold taking the photos, but heck it was such fun. I would do it again tomorrow!

Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress

A few words from Jaye the photographer
It has been so much fun to work with Steph. From the first time we met her during her engagement shoot, we could tell she was just waiting for permission to let her inner model out. During her wedding photos, Steph really came into her own and needed no encouragement to really strike a pose. I swear, the girl must have been watching Top Model for months – because she is like a seasoned pro. So when it came time to trash her dress, Steph really went for it. Mud, rivers, broken glass, dead deer – Steph was hard core.
Although we didn’t approach the shoot with a specific narrative, one seemed to develop organically throughout the day. As we were in a location that just oozed gothic romance, we began to think in terms of a soulful and tragic gothic love story that would make any Bronte proud.

Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress

The Tale…
Our tale begins with our bride waiting at the church for her betrothed. The sky clouds over and the heavens begin to open as rain pours down on the church. She waits for hours, watching for him through the window, hoping to see him arrive just over the crest of the hill. He never appears.
Undaunted, our bride begins to search for him, afraid he has lost his way. Torn and tangled by the trees, she searches the deepest, darkest depths of the woods to no avail. Desperate, she fears her betrothed has left her standing at the altar and she walks to his house to confront him – only to find the house in tatters. The scene of destruction is too much for her to bear, and our bride begins to lose grip on her sanity. She runs through her groom’s home, tearing it apart in her madness. It is only then that she finds that her groom as died – fallen foul of robbers as he was leaving to meet her on their wedding day.
With her discovery that her groom truly loved her, our bride’s heart breaks and she becomes an angel – ready to transcend to the heavens and meet her groom once again.

PS… I have to say…. no one does crazy prettier than Steph!

Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress


And a couple from the original wedding 

Gothic Trash the Dress Gothic Trash the Dress


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    I adore a few of these photographs. The few that I am in love with are the ones that give the feel of a childlike adventure, a sort of mixture between Where The Wild Things Are and a wedding from Middle Earth.

    I myself shoot weddings and bridal portraits, but I have yet to find the bride that desires a trash the dress session. My hopes is to find a bride that has a story she wishes to tell :}

    God bless,
    Timyantz Photography,
    of Fredericksburg Virginia


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