365 Happiness Project: Day 7

  • Today I am very thankful to my Husband for doing his best DIY work. he has spent the last few hours sanding down all the paint work in out hall, landing, stairs, bathroom and toilet. Not the best of jobs for a saturday but it means I have been able to work all day and not had to do any……….Love you baby! xxxx


  • Working from home on a Saturday means I get to work in my Pyjamas all day. I do dress for work every day of the week but as it’s a saturday I have treated myself! (and yes these are Christmas Pyjamas but they are my favorite)


  • If you read my personal post on Tuesday you will know that one of my new years resolutions was to stop drinking so much (something my doctor told me was important for trying to get pregnant) , so I am now limited to one bottle fo wine a week……..today I get to drink my wine, this makes me smile A LOT!


  •  As I mentioned yesterday I LOVE food, and tonight we have Dominos Pizza as a saturday naughty treat, (luckily loosing weight was not one of my new year resolutions!) my all time fav is double decadence pepperoni! I just love that cheese filling in the middle of the  base!


Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xxx

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