Jomana and Nick’s ‘Merging of Cultures’ Backyard San Diego Wedding by Karen Agurto Photography

Today’s wedding is a wonderful example of how a fusion wedding can work perfectly. Nick and Jomana were married on 24th September 2022 in a backyard ceremony in San Diego. They worked tirelessly to incorporate both of their cultures together; Indian and Palestinian, and what a beautiful job they did. A mixture of saris, hip scarves and henna. The colours were muted and earth tones, with accents of mustard to add that pop of colour. The outdoor ceremony was personal, and intimate perfect for their back garden venue, keeping things simple, while honouring both of their cultures. Big thanks to Karen Agurto Photography for the lovely images.

Karen the photographer tells us more

This backyard wedding was something really special. It was a small, cozy gathering of just the closest friends and family, all there to celebrate Nick and Jomana. It was like stepping into a world where two cultures, Indian and Palestinian, just meshed perfectly. The Indian vibes were all there – bright saris and Nick’s sherwani. And then you had the Palestinian touches, hip scarves on the dance floor, henna, and Jomana’s dress handmade from Jordan.

The decorations were a mix of both worlds, with colourful fabrics, twinkling lanterns, hues of gold, making the whole backyard look like something out of a fairy tale. It was intimate and personal, with laughter and stories shared under the stars. The whole thing wasn’t just about two people getting hitched. It was like a celebration of where they came from, showing everyone how awesome it is when different cultures come together. Definitely a day to remember, filled with love, fun, and a whole lot of culture.


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