Bridal Style: Essential Skincare Tips for a Cold Weather Wedding in 2024

Planning a winter wedding? Cold temperatures, harsh winds, and dry indoor heating can all negatively impact the look and texture of your skin. If you want to look radiant on your big day regardless of the season, follow these tips to nourish and protect your complexion through the elements.

Essential Skincare Tips for a Cold Weather Wedding in 2024


Start Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to kick your skincare routine into high gear. Make a plan at least six months out. Establish consistent skincare habits and routines to achieve a lasting glow. And remember to book facials, try new products, and identify areas of concern early on so you know what works and can stick to it.

Know Your Skin

Everyone’s skin is unique. Some have oily complexions while others battle dryness. Seasonality also impacts your skin’s oil production. That’s why you should assess your skin’s current condition and needs so you can look for customized formulas with targeted ingredients.

Stay Hydrated

The key to bouncy, dewy skin is hydration. That’s why you want to drink plenty of water and eat hydrating fruits and vegetables. Top it off by maintaining your skin hydrated using ultra-rich moisturizers morning and night. Make sure to apply while the skin is still damp to seal in moisture.


Exfoliate Often

When dead skin cells accumulate, pores clog and your complexion appears dull. To prevent this, make sure to incorporate both chemical and physical weekly exfoliation. Alternate between gentle scrubs, alpha hydroxy acid treatments, and clay masks for luminous results.

Don’t Neglect Your Body

When the dress comes off, you’ll want soft, supple skin from head to toe. So, dry brushing is your friend. It helps to boost circulation and sloughs off flaky patches. Follow it up with a moisturizing body oil and focus on rough spots like knees, elbows, and heels.

Try Natural Remedies

Time crunched and on a budget? Make your own homemade face masks using pantry ingredients. You can combine raw honey, mashed avocado, and coconut oil for a nourishing mask. Or soothe redness and irritation with an oatmeal soak. The natural route is cost-effective and unlikely to cause breakouts.

photo by  Eastlyn & Joshua – full wedding here 

Use a Humidifier

Few things parch skin more than winter’s forced air heating. Hydrated air means hydrated skin. That’s why you want to run a humidifier, especially overnight, to restore moisture to the air. It also prevents flakiness and chapping.

Don’t Skip SPF

UVA and UVB rays don’t take winter off. Daily broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher is a must, even on cloudy days. Apply it liberally as the final step of your morning routine. Powder formulas are particularly beneficial, as they keep you protected while setting makeup.

Perfect Lips

Chapped, peeling lips can ruin your wedding day makeup look. Buff away flakes using a soft washcloth, and keep a lip mask, balm, and exfoliating scrub nearby to coddle your pout. Most importantly, avoid licking or picking – this makes cracking worse.

photo by  Nick Rutter Photography – full shoot here 

Mind Your Mani/Pedi

Cold air sucks moisture from nails too, so you should always apply cuticle oil and hand cream after washing. Consider adding a paraffin treatment to your nail visit for intensive hydration. Stick to a shorter nail length to avoid breakage.

Sleep Well

Sleep is restorative for your body and complexion, and not getting enough rest can cause puffiness, dark circles, and sallow skin. Stick to a reasonable bedtime and establish calming rituals. If you need help falling asleep, sip chamomile tea, take a calming bath, and do a facial massage to wind down.

Stay Calm

Planning a wedding is stressful, which can trigger breakouts, inflammation, and dullness. Prioritize de-stressing through exercise, meditation, or hobbies. Be gentle with products and don’t forget to treat bacne too. Your skin will thank you.

photo by Miranda Rose Photography – full shoot here 



As you can see, maintaining healthy, resilient winter skin is all about customized routines, consistency, and moisture. Embrace these habits several months pre-wedding for a glowing bridal look, and your skin will thank you.






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