Bridal Style: Wearing Glasses to Your Wedding? How to Choose the Best Frames for Your Big Day

Glasses are no longer just for enhancing visual clarity. In the 21st century, they’ve become a powerful fashion statement that elevates your style and shows off your personality. Besides your everyday look, glasses can be a fun and unique accessory for your wedding day. Many brides and grooms often wear contact lenses to change up their look and offer a convenient experience. However, you don’t have to compromise comfort and style by keeping your glasses off; let them highlight your look! Here’s how to choose the best frames for your big day:

Bridal Style: Wearing Glasses to Your Wedding? How to Choose the Best Frames for Your Big Day

Photo by rosanna lilly – full shoot here 

Choose a flattering shape

Before finding glasses that work with your wedding look, you want to ensure they flatter your face shape. Your glasses should balance your features and not overpower them. For instance, square or heart-shaped faces can work well with softer angles and rounder shapes, and round or oval face shapes can be complemented with sharper angles like square or cat-eye frames. You should also think about your gown or suit. You can opt for chic cat-eye glasses to play up the curves your sheath dress shows off or choose dainty wire-framed ones for a big and bold princess gown. An A-line gown can work with nearly any style thanks to its versatility. For men, you can match your frames to the thickness of your tie and lapel; thicker styles can suit thicker lapels, and the same goes for thinner glasses and lapels.

Work with your your theme

Other than your face shape or look, you can match your glasses to your wedding theme. A vintage style would naturally fit a vintage-themed wedding, or taking a more unorthodox approach like an aviation-themed wedding works great for Aviator-style glasses! If you’re planning a boho wedding, it’s all about an earthy chic that celebrates individuality and uniqueness. You can play around with earth tones like brown colors or tortoiseshell patterns or opt for warm-toned metallics like gold or copper that pair well with natural or rustic elements often seen in boho weddings. Check out this lavender-filled wedding to see how the groom seamlessly integrated his glasses with his look and the wedding’s stylish and gorgeous ‘urban romance’ theme!

Bridal Style: Wearing Glasses to Your Wedding? How to Choose the Best Frames for Your Big Day

photo by  Blushing Rose Studio Photography – full wedding here 

Try them on

There are so many styles of glasses to choose from, and searching far and wide for the perfect one can eat up precious time from wedding planning. To ensure you can find the perfect glasses, a free home trial can make the try-on process much easier and more convenient. This service allows you to try on glasses at home, even if you’re buying from an online retailer. You can select up to four frames, receive them by the next day, and keep them for seven days to get a good idea of what they feel and look like on you and if they match the rest of your wedding attire and accessories. You can show them off to family and friends and get their opinions as well. If you find one you like, you can return the package and order the frames online. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving way to find a flattering pair of glasses that will help you feel confident on your big day.

Consider lens coatings

You’re definitely going to be documenting your big day, so you will want to look your best to get some memorable photos and videos you’ll cherish for years to come. Wearing glasses can help you see clearly, but reflections from lights can make it harder for people to see your eyes and photograph you. If you’re worried about this, you might want to get an anti-reflective coating for your glasses. It blocks glare so your eyes will be more visible under the lenses, improving your look, especially in photos. It’s also beneficial if you’re sensitive to light or want more durable lenses. It’s something worth considering if you also plan to keep these glasses long after your wedding.

photo by  Nate Messarra Photography – full wedding here




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