Ask The Experts: 11 Luxury and Fun Touches to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

Your wedding is your opportunity to showcase your love to the world. In truth, every wedding day is special for its own reasons, and so long as you and your partner have a great time with your friends and family, then you can consider the day a success.
However, there’s also plenty of scope for going all out and having a day that really lives long in the memory of everyone in attendance. And you do that by incorporating as many luxury and fun touches into your wedding without going overboard. In this post, we’ll look at a bunch of special additions to include in your wedding, which will help ensure that it’s a brilliant occasion from the first moment to the last.

photo by Vladimir Simonov – full wedding here

Send Quality Invitations

It all begins with your invitations. You can help set the tone for your wedding by investing in quality invitations made from special paper. In doing so, you’ll be letting your guests know that this is a luxury, special wedding, one that will go all-out when it comes to experience — and that they certainly don’t want to miss out. Look at using paper with a GSM of 300 – 350 for your invitations.

Provide Luxurious Transportation

Are you getting married in a rural area? Then it’s best to provide transportation for your guests from a central location. Most of the time, people provide coaches for this. But if you really want to make an impression, why not consider providing luxury transportation for your guests? There’s nothing like a limo to get people in the mood for a special occasion! If you’re providing transport in the city for whatever reason, then a large party bus could be the way to go, especially if it’s a wedding that has high hopes of being the best social occasion of the year.

photo by Creek & Country Photo & Film  – full wedding here 

Provide a Welcome Cocktail

What better way to begin a special day than with an excellent cocktail? A welcome drink is always encouraged since it allows people the chance to sink into comfort and get to know each other straight away. But a cocktail, provided that it’s a late afternoon wedding reception, is on another level altogether, especially if it’s the signature cocktail of you and your partner. You’ll want to make other drinks available for people who don’t want to jump into the cocktail game quite so early.

Make Dinner a Michelin-Worthy Event

People go to weddings for the love of the two people who get married, but when they leave, they really talk about the food they ate — or, at least, they should. If you’ve gone to great lengths to find the best wedding caterers around, then look at taking a few steps to put together a dinner that is truly Michelin-worthy. You can use a flyer printing service to produce menus outlining what your guests will be eating, and you can also think about including paired wines for each course. Finally, think about the ambiance; could you opt for low, atmospheric lighting with romantic classic music playing in the background?


Hire an Ice Cream Truck

Everyone loves having dessert, and hopefully, the dessert you include as part of your meal will go down as a hit. But you know what people also love? More delicious desserts. Once the dinner is over and people are mingling, wouldn’t it be great if people could get an ice cream from the on-site truck? It sounds like a simple concept, but it goes down extremely well. Plus, if it’s a summer’s day and the sun is shining, it’s easy to see the appeal of letting people enjoy an ice cream on a beautiful evening.

Summer Lawn Games

Another way to maximise all there is to love about a great British summer evening is to make lawn games available to play, provided there’s a lawn, of course. This works because it’s, first of all, unexpected, and second because it allows people the chance to get to know one another in a fun way. It’s the perfect interlude between the dinner and the main party of the evening. And talking of the main party, let’s focus on some handy tips to make sure it’s a party to remember.

Photo by Lawless Rose Photography  – full wedding here 

Hire a Live Band

A live band is an excellent way to get the party started. It’s like another level above just having a DJ. Of course, you’ll need a DJ for the majority of the night, but the live band can get everyone warmed up and ready to have fun. There’s no shortage of wedding bands you can choose from; they’re available in a wide range of styles, so you can find a band that’s in line with the music you like and what you think will go down well with your guests.

Another idea for the party: invest in some inflatable party props. They’re highly effective at helping dance-shy guests get onto the dancefloor.

Provide a Relaxation Zone

You know what’s a luxury when you’re in the middle of a busy party? A quiet space where you can relax for a while. Even the most dancefloor-friendly guests need to relax from time to time. All too often at weddings, you see people sitting at the side struggling to have a conversation because the music is so loud. Why not give your guests the opportunity to choose between a conversation and dancing? Putting together a chill relaxation zone provides the best of both worlds. Just be sure to keep it relatively small and not too inviting, since you’ll want to keep people on the dancefloor.

photo by The Chamberlins – full wedding here

Late Night Snacks

It’s pretty hungry work, dancing all night long! Your guests will have been well-fed during the dinner part of the evening, but depending on your wedding, there may still be many, many hours left to go. A late-night snack goes down well no matter where you are, and it’ll be all the better if you have food that people genuinely love. For example, could you have a Chinese buffet around midnight? When people have been dancing and having fun, not to mention having a few drinks, it’ll go down extremely well. Plus, it’ll give your guests the energy they need to go on with the good times.

Organise a Fireworks Display

It’s always a good idea to throw in a surprise or two. After all, this is your wedding day — you’ll only get to do this once, so make sure you go all out to do it right. One tried and tested way to live long in the memories of your guess is to organise a fireworks display. It can be an outstandingly beautiful moment just as the sun has set. Plus, it also provides your wedding photographer with a great background for some all-time classic shots of you and your partner.

photo by  Gareth Newstead – full wedding here 

Special Party Favours

Your wedding would be something without your guests. But with your guest? Your wedding is everything. You can show your appreciation for their attendance, love, and support by giving them party favours that are above and beyond what’s usual. There’s no shortage of next-level options out there. Could you give a small bottle of champagne to each guest, or what about a luxury bath and shower set? It’s the thought that counts, of course, but it’ll be nice for your guests if they receive something that they will genuinely love using.

Photo by Damien Vickers Photography. – full wedding here 


And there we have it! Your wedding will be special regardless of what happens, but if you’re looking to make things extra special, take the tips above onboard.






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