Bridal Style: How to Choose Gold Wedding Jewelry for a Boho Wedding

Wedding themes are getting diverse. Boho is one such most celebrated theme for weddings. It is a theme where nature and individuality are celebrated. Adding gold jewelry to your boho wedding dress is also an individual choice.
Gold has stood as a symbol of our customs and heritage for centuries. It is the focal point of every ensemble for any party. A wedding dress adorned with gold is a sentimental and celebratory choice. It always has charm when gold jewelry is worn with it.

If you are planning a boho wedding and are confused about choosing the best gold jewelry, we have covered you. Here, we will talk about tips to help you find the perfect gold jewelry for your boho wedding. Scroll down and stay tuned.

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Gold Jewels For a Boho Wedding

Following are the gold jewelry choices that blend well with the boho wedding theme:


Necklace pieces for a wedding is an essential. But you should choose a unique style when you style it for a boho wedding. You must select a layered necklace piece with a pendant. You can go for a nature-inspired pendant design.

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Statement earrings do well with boho wedding dresses. But the size must depend on your neckpiece. If you go for a statement neckpiece, we suggest a stud earring piece. Otherwise, dangly, chandelier-style earrings are in trend for boho weddings.

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A mix of rings on different fingers is a boho wedding. You can choose nature-inspired rings. You can also add stackable rings with intricate detailing and gemstone accents to your choice list.

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Most brides in boho weddings like accessorize them with headpieces. You can go for a leaf or flower-designed gold headband for your wedding. You can also explore floral crowns or delicate gold hairpins with pearls.



Select a flared bracelet with gold texture and smooth designs. It helps your dress get a bohemian style. You can select bangles, cuffs, or beaded bracelets in gold material.

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Tips to choose the perfect gold jewelry for your boho wedding

Given are the tips that will help you get the perfect piece of gold jewelry for you:


Adopt natural elements

Boho weddings involve much of nature, such as flowers, leaves, feathers, etc. Then, your choice of jewels should be something that also reflects natural elements. Thus, you can go for a gold necklace with a leaf pendant or gold earrings with feather accents.

Stay true to your style

No matter what jewelry you choose, stay true to your style. Being comfortable with your look should be your priority. Thus, you should put on jewelry that reflects your style.

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Make a statement

Since the wedding is an important event of your life, you must try not to go with the usuals. Boho weddings are all about making a statement. It is about embracing your individuality and style. Put that sense in your jewels selection. Do not step back from choosing bold, eye-catching jewelry. If you like, wear a chunky gold bracelet or a pair of oversized hoop earrings.

Experiment, Mix, and Match

Boho weddings are the epitome of mixing diverse traditions and celebrating them together. Do that with your wedding jewel selections, too. Be open to mixing and matching different styles and textures of gold jewels. For example, You may wear a pair of silver earrings with a gold bangle or a gold necklace with a beaded bracelet. It works amazing with boho wedding dresses.

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Add a sentiment

Weddings are a celebration of bonds and love. Celebrate emotions on your big day. Accessorize any gold piece with sentimental value with your fit that suits it perfectly.

Keep it Simple

It is true that boho weddings stand for making a statement. But you mustn’t overdress. The least is the most. You can go for one or two statement gold jewels. Other than that, keep it simple. For example, you can wear a gold statement necklace with stud earrings.

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Accessorise According To Your Dress

At weddings, the wedding dress is the main. You should not over-accessorize that can shadow the beauty of your dress. If you go for a boho-themed dress with lots of laces and embroideries, keep the simple gold jewels like gold bracelets or earrings with it. Conversely, if you choose a plain dress, you can choose the bold gold jewels.

Select the Proper Gold Tone

Gold jewels give the entire ensemble a glow and comfort. Choose a gentler gold tone that complements the bohemian concept. You can select tones like rose, yellow, or gold. These colors go well with the organic, earthy vibe of a bohemian wedding.

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Choosing gold jewelry for your boho wedding demands a thoughtful approach. You need to understand the boho style. Be mindful of factors like your wedding dress, gold tone, and balance of statement pieces with simple jewels. You should also look after going for nature-inspired designs, mixing and matching, considering hair accessories, seeking versatility, and staying true to personal style, all key factors in making the ideal selection.

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