Bridal Style: How to Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Wedding Day – A Quick Guide For Brides and Grooms

Sunglasses are more than beach accessories. Sure, they’re useful for when you go on your honeymoon at the beach, as you’ll likely be engaged in activities like kayaking, surfing, and going on sunset cruises. Not to mention, they’ll be great accessories for taking photos as newlyweds.

But did you know sunglasses can have a place at your wedding, too? They can level up your appearance, letting you feel more confident. Sunglasses can also be helpful at outdoor weddings, where they’ll shield you from the sun and allow you to appreciate the venue and read your vows with ease.

Since every bride wants to have the perfect wedding, the sunglasses you choose to don are one of the small details you will want to perfect. If you’re not sure how to choose the best pair for your wedding, here are some tips to help:

photo by  Matt + Lena Photography – full wedding here

Pair your sunglasses with your dress

The easiest way to pick your sunglasses is to make sure they pair with your wedding dress. This ensures that your wedding look is cohesive. The key here is to connect similar elements on your dress and sunglasses to make sure they go well with each other.

If your dress has rhinestone and crystal details, for example, you can pair it with bedazzled sunglasses like Dior’s MissDior B2U. These are lined with Swarovski crystals all around the edges. This will complement your dress and add even more sparkle to your getup, so you can really shine on your wedding day.

photo by Nate Messarra Photography – full wedding here

Match sunglasses with the groom

Matching your sunglasses with your husband-to-be is another way to choose the best sunglasses for your wedding. It’s a great way to add a fun, personal touch to your big day in a way that communicates how in sync you are as a couple—and they’ll look great in your wedding photos!

To get this look right, opt for timeless and unisex sunglasses designs. One place to start looking is classic women’s sunglasses designs that many men also wear. For this, Ray-Ban’s iconic Wayfarers are a great option. Their frames are not too sharp nor rounded, resulting in soft rectangular frames that complement both masculine and feminine features. Matching with your groom guarantees you’ll get the best sunglasses for your big event!

photo by Eclection Photography.– full wedding here 

Keep your sunglasses in line with the wedding theme

Choosing sunglasses that go with your wedding theme is an effortless way to pick the best pair. Since you’re already familiar with what you want your wedding to be like, you’ll only have to look for certain elements on sunglasses that resonate with it.

For example, if you’re holding a vintage wedding, you don’t have to search for actual vintage eyewear. Instead, you can look at fashionable and trendy sunglasses with designs considered popular even in decades past. Take the Maeve sunglasses from Tom Ford: they not only put a modern twist on classic cat-eye sunglasses but also come in tortoiseshell frames first popularised in the 1920s.

photo by Ellen Sear – full shoot here

Consider your wedding makeup

If you already have a makeup look in mind, use that as the basis for picking your sunglasses. As a general rule, you want to balance these two out. If you’re planning to wear simple makeup, you can don statement sunglasses to bring people’s eyes toward your face. You can take inspiration from Beyoncé, who wore custom bejewelled Tiffany & Co. sunglasses in her recent concert shows.

Conversely, plans to wear heavier makeup, like a bold red lip, mean you should instead opt for more minimalist sunglasses that use a single, toned-down colour for their frames and lenses—like the Prada Symbole in black. That way, you don’t risk having the colours of your sunglasses and makeup clash.

Photo by  Kate Nutt – full shoot here

Getting the right pair of wedding sunglasses can be as challenging as planning the wedding itself. Try these tips to get the best one for your big day!




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