Ask The Experts: 5 Things You Should Do to Have a Green Wedding

Eco-friendly and Green weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Retailers and vendors are offering sustainable options for everything a wedding entails, which is great news if you are looking to do your bit for the planet while planning your wedding. While traditions are honourable, waste and carbon emissions aren’t, your wedding is such a big event, so making it eco friendly and kind to the environment is a massive way to help save the planet. Today we will explore some things that make weddings more eco-friendly and simple things you can do to have a green wedding.

5 Things You Should Do to Have a Green Wedding

Ask The Experts: 5 Things You Should Do to Have a Green Wedding


1. Go Paperless With Invites

Digital invitations are an excellent way to be kinder to the environment. Not only do they reduce the paper trail, but they also eliminate the emissions from vehicles during delivery transportation. Many online sites offer ways to create gorgeous wedding invitations with various design templates to download and distribute virtually. Social media sites provide ways to create groups that make it easier to spread the word about events and keep an appropriate headcount of guests.
If virtual invitations aren’t conducive to the guests, eco-friendly options are available. Recyclable paper, wood, leather and upcycled fabric are some creative ways to offer invitations for guests. Some companies plant trees in honor of purchases or use seed-infused paper to give back to the planet. Consider including a digital RSVP that allows guests to text or email to respond to invitations to minimize travel emissions and shorten the paper trail. Don’t forget about thank you cards for after the wedding as well.

Ask The Experts: 5 Things You Should Do to Have a Green Wedding

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2. Choose an Eco-Friendly Venue

An eco-friendly venue can reduce waste and carbon footprints. Green venues often take the initiative to be kinder to the environment in ways couples may not consider when planning weddings. For example, energy usage plays a significant role in most weddings. Locales can be energy efficient by using smart thermostats and LED lighting.
Environmentally friendly venues with energy-efficient windows or solar panels reduce carbon emissions from power plants, which contributes to a healthier environment. Event spaces that have larger windows offer more natural light that conserves energy. Choosing a local and smaller location decreases travel and energy consumption as well.

Ask The Experts: 5 Things You Should Do to Have a Green Wedding

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3. Keep the Guest List Small

From the wedding party to the guest list, weddings can easily get out of hand when trying to involve everyone. Celebrating the union of a couple doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant–the more people at a wedding, the more produced waste. The average size of a bridal party is between three and five people, with larger weddings consisting of up to ten bridesmaids. Some brides opt not to have bridesmaids by only having a maid of honour or eliminating the wedding party altogether.
Consider having an intimate event with a smaller guest list and wedding party to minimize waste. Narrow down the options by considering how important it is to the couple who witnesses their big day. Limiting plus-ones, having a child-free wedding and cutting out coworkers are fantastic ways to keep guest lists minimal. If a big production is necessary, ensure that other sustainable initiatives are in effect to minimize waste like energy efficiency, recycling, and using local vendors.

Ask The Experts: 5 Things You Should Do to Have a Green Wedding

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4. Choose Eco-Friendly Attire

Wedding dresses are often in the bride’s childhood dreams, but they don’t have to fall under the new category. Secondhand wedding dresses are an excellent choice for contributing to a greener environment. Shopping secondhand may not sound ideal for a wedding day. However, consider the time spent wearing a wedding dress and how much of an impact it really has on the big day.
So many second-hand wedding dresses are on the market and are an excellent way to reduce pollution and recycle. A family member’s dress could offer vintage options that are sentimental and timeless. If secondhand shopping doesn’t work, consider brands that incorporate sustainability with eco-friendly fabrics and more into their dress designs.

Ask The Experts: 5 Things You Should Do to Have a Green Wedding


5. Rent, Donate and Recycle

All-inclusive venues often offer furnishings and decor for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Other options include renting decorations to reduce waste from the manufacturing process and recycling older items. There are so many ways to get creative with decor during a wedding. Vases, mirrors, mason jars or other miscellaneous items make excellent centerpiece ideas and wedding decor. Ask friends and family for household items and search local thrift stores if renting isn’t viable.
Donating after the event can significantly reduce waste. Donate meals to shelters or food banks or consider composting if there are only scraps left. Ensure that an appropriate headcount is achieved to minimize food waste before the wedding. Donations not only minimize waste from the event, but they can also help other people. Multiple organizations take flower donations and deliver them to nursing homes, hospitals and recycling. Use recycling bins to give back to the planet after the event.

Ask The Experts: 5 Things You Should Do to Have a Green Wedding

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Eco-conscious weddings reduce waste and energy consumption and contribute to a healthier environment. Join green initiatives to minimize the adverse impacts of weddings on the atmosphere. Green weddings can pose a challenge, but saving the planet and reducing carbon footprints is worth it.






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